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A History of Barbados


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521678490 | ISBN-10: 0521678498)

Highly acclaimed when it first appeared in 1990, this general history of Barbados traces the events and ideas that have shaped the collaborative experience of all the islands inhabitants. In this second edition, Hilary Beckles updates the text to reflect the considerable number of writings recently published on Barbados. He presents new insights and analyses key events in a lucid and provocative style which will appeal to all those who have an interest in the island's past and present. Using a vigorous approach, Hilary Beckles examines how the influences of the Amerindians, European colonisation, the sugar industry, the African slave trade, emancipation, the civil rights movement, independence in 1966 and nationalism have shaped contemporary Barbados.


1. The first Barbadians c.350-c.1627; 2. English colonisation 1627-1650; 3. The 'sugar and slavery' model 1644-1692; 4. The Creole slave-based society and economy 1688-1807; 5. Abolition, rebellion and emancipation 1807-1838; 6. Freedom without liberties 1838-1897; 7. Right to full freedom 1843-1876; 8. Planter-merchant consolidation and workers' organisations 1876-1937; 9. From colony to nation state 1937-1966; 10. Current trends - from nation state to Caribbean single market and economy.

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