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Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage


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  • Page extent: 440 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521685511 | ISBN-10: 0521685516)

Congratulations to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), winners of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007.

This IPCC Special Report describes sources, capture, transport, and storage of CO2. It discusses the costs, economic potential, and societal issues of the technology, including public perception and regulatory aspects. Storage options evaluated include geological storage, ocean storage, and mineral carbonation. The report places CO2 capture and storage in the context of other climate change mitigation options. The volume includes a Summary for Policymakers approved by governments represented in the IPCC, and a Technical Summary. It provides invaluable information for researchers in environmental science, geology, engineering and the oil and gas sector, policy-makers in governments and environmental organizations, and scientists and engineers in industry.

• Comprehensive and definitive IPCC report on CO2 capture and storage • Chapters written by international experts • Contains Summary for Policymakers and Technical Summary


Foreword; Preface; Summary for Policymakers; Technical Summary; 1. Introduction; 2. Sources of CO2; 3. Capture of CO2; 4. Transport of CO2; 5. Underground geological storage; 6. Ocean storage; 7. Mineral carbonation and industrial uses of carbon dioxide; 8. Costs and economic potential; 9. Implications of carbon dioxide capture and storage for greenhouse gas inventories and accounting; Annex I. Properties of CO2 and carbon-based fuels; Annex II. Glossary, acronyms and abbreviations; Annex III. Units; Annex IV. Authors and Expert Reviewers; Annex V. List of IPCC publications.

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