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Human Osteology


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521691468 | ISBN-10: 052169146X)

This advanced textbook provides the reader with an up-to-date account of recent developments and future potential in the study of human skeletons from both an archaeological and forensic context. It is well-illustrated, comprehensive in its coverage and is divided into six sections for ease of reference, encompassing such areas as palaeodemography, juvenile health and growth, disease and trauma, normal skeletal variation, biochemical and microscopic analyses and facial reconstruction. Each chapter is written by a recognised specialist in the field, and includes in-depth discussion of the reliability of methods, with appropriate references, and current and future research directions. It is essential reading for all students undertaking osteology as part of their studies and will also prove a valuable reference for forensic scientists, both in the field and the laboratory.


Acknowledgements; Author biographies; Preface; 1. Studies on skeletal and dental variation: a view across two centuries Don Brothwell; Section I. Juvenile Health, Growth and Development: Introduction; 2. Development and ageing of the juvenile skeleton Louise Scheuer and Sue Black; 3. Growth studies of past populations: an overview and an example Louise Humphrey; 4. Non-adult palaeopathology: current status and future potential Mary Lewis; Section II. Palaeodemography: Introduction; 5. Ageing adults from the skeleton Margaret Cox; 6. Ageing from the dentition David Whittaker; 7. Problems and prospects in palaeodemography Andrew Chamberlain; 8. Sex determination in skeletal remains Simon Mays and Margaret Cox; 9. Assessment of parturition Margaret Cox; Section III. Disease in the Past: Introduction; 10. Infectious disease in biocultural perspective: past, present and future work in Britain Charlotte Roberts; 11. The palaeopathology of joint disease Juliet Rogers; 12. The diagnosis of metabolic disease in archaeological bone Megan Brickley; 13. Congenital conditions and neoplastic disease in British palaeopathology Trevor Anderson; 14. Dental health in British antiquity Chrissie Freeth; 15. Chemical methods in palaeopathology Angela Gernaey and David Minnikin; 16. An introduction to palaeohistopathology Lynne Bell and Kim Piper; Section IV. Human Variation: Introduction; 17. Biodistance studies using craniometric variation in British archaeological skeletal material Simon Mays; 18. Skeletal non-metric traits and the assessment of inter- and intra- population diversity: past problems and future potential Andrew Tyrrell; 19. Skeletal indicators of handedness James Steele; 20. Forensic and archaeological reconstruction of the human face upon the skull Richard Neave; Section V. Assaults on the Skeleton: Introduction; 21. Trauma in biocultural perspective: past, present and future work in Britain Charlotte Roberts; 22. Evidence for weapon-related trauma in British archaeological samples Anthea Boylston; 23. Bone adaptation and its relationship to physical activity in the past Christopher Knüsel; 24. The analysis of cremated bone Jacqueline McKinley; Section VI. Microscopic, Biochemical and Analytical Approaches: Introduction; 25. New directions in the analysis of stable isotopes in excavated bones and teeth Simon Mays; 26. The chemical degradation of bone Christina Nielsen-Marsh, Angela Gernaey, Gordon Turner-Walker, Robert Hedges, Alistair Pike and Matthew Collins; 27. Ancient DNA applications in human osteoarchaeology: achievements, problems and potential Keri Brown; 28. Analysing human skeletal data John Robb; 29. Forensic osteology in the United Kingdom Sue Black; Index.


Don Brothwell, Louise Scheuer, Sue Black, Louise Humphrey, Mary Lewis, Margaret Cox, David Whittaker, Andrew Chamberlain, Simon Mays, Charlotte Roberts, Juliet Rogers, Megan Brickley, Trevor Anderson, Chrissie Freeth, Angela Gernaey, David Minnikin, Lynne Bell, Kim Piper, Andrew Tyrrell, James Steele, Richard Neave, Anthea Boylston, Christopher Knüsel, Jacqueline McKinley, Christina Nielson-Marsh, Gordon Turner-Walker, Robert Hedges, Alistair Pike, Matthew Collins, Keri Brown, John Robb

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