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Routine Politics and Violence in Argentina


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521694117)

Close to three hundred stores and supermarkets were looted during week-long food riots in Argentina in December 2001. Thirty-four people were reported dead and hundreds were injured. Among the looting crowds, activists from the Peronist party (the main political party in the country) were quite prominent. During the lootings, police officers were conspicuously absent - particularly when small stores were sacked. Through a combination of archival research, statistical analysis, multi-sited fieldwork, and taking heed of the perspective of contentious politics, this book provides an analytic description of the origins, course, meanings, and outcomes of the December 2001 wave of lootings in Argentina.

• Provides an analysis of current politics in Argentina • Considers the place of clandestinity in politics • Useful for undergraduate and graduate students on courses in Politics and Latin America, along with more general readers with an interest in the 2001 food riots in Argentina


1. The gray zone; 2. Party politics and everyday life; 3. Food lootings; 4. Moreno and La Matanza lootings; 5. Making sense of collective violence.

Prize Winner

American Sociological Association Best Book Award in the Political Sociology Section 2008 - Winner

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