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Debating Immigration


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521698665)

Debating Immigration, first published in 2007, presents 18 original essays, written by some of the world's leading experts and pre-eminent academics, that explore the nuances of contemporary immigration and citizenship affecting the United States and Europe. The volume is organized around the following themes: religion and philosophy, law and policy, economics and demographics, race and ethnicity, and cosmopolitanism. Critical questions addressed include: What accounts for the disconnect between public attitudes about immigration and the policies produced by elected officials? Why has the United States not developed a well-articulated public philosophy of immigration? What does the Christian Bible have to say about immigration policy? What are our moral and social obligations to our fellow citizens, and do these trump our obligations to the world's poor? How does the European experience differ from the American situation?

• Features 18 original essays written by experts and pre-eminent academics • Discusses a timely topic in today's political climate • Explores the nuances of contemporary immigration and citizenship affecting the US and Europe


1. Introduction Carol M. Swain; Part I. Philosophy and Religion: 2. The disconnect between public attitudes and policy outcomes in immigration Peter H. Schuck; 3. Carved from the inside out: immigration and America's public philosophy on citizenship Elizabeth F. Cohen; 4. A biblical perspective on immigration James R. Edwards; 5. The moral dilemma of US immigration policy: open borders vs. social justice? Stephen Macedo; Part II. Law and Policy: 6. The undocumented immigrant: contending policy approaches Linda Bosniak; 7. Good neighbors and good citizens: beyond the legal-illegal immigration debate Noah Pickus and Peter Skerry; 8. Alien rights, citizen rights, recent trends and future prospects Rogers M. Smith; Part III. Economics and demographics: 9. The borderline madness: America's counterproductive immigration policy Douglas S. Massey; 10. Immigrant employment gains and native losses 2000–4 Steven Camarota; 11. Economics of immigration and the course of the debate since 1994 Peter Brimelow; 12. Immigration and future population change in America Charles Westoff; Part IV. Race: 13. The congressional black caucus and the impact of immigration on African-American unemployment Carol M. Swain; 14. Will Hispanic and Asian immigrants save America? Amitai Etzioni; 15. Strange bedfellows, unintended consequences and the curious contours of the immigration debate Jonathan Tilove; Part V. Cosmopolitanism: 16. Work, welfare, and migration incorporation in Europe and America Randall Hansen; 17. The politics of immigration and citizenship in Europe Marc Morjé Howard; Part VI. Concluding observations: 18. Concluding observations Nathan Glazer.


'This timely volume, representing a range of ideological perspectives, features a number of powerful and thought provoking essays on the immigration debate. Carol M. Swain has pulled together a group of outstanding scholars and activists whose gripping arguments on immigration will be widely discussed and debated. I highly recommend this volume to anyone concerned about the politics of contemporary immigration.' William Julius Wilson, Lewis P. and Linda L. Geyser University Professor, Harvard University


Carol M. Swain, Peter H. Schuck, Elizabeth F. Cohen, James R. Edwards, Stephen Macedo, Linda Bosniak, Noah Pickus, Peter Skerry, Rogers M. Smith, Douglas S. Massey, Steven Camarota, Peter Brimelow, Charles Westoff, Amitai Etzioni, Jonathan Tilove, Randall Hansen, Marc Morjé Howard, Nathan Glazer

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