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 (ISBN-13: 9780521700047)

War has been a key topic of speculation and theorising ever since the invention of philosophy in classical antiquity. This anthology brings together the work of distinguished contemporary political philosophers and theorists who address the leading normative and conceptual issues concerning war. The book is divided into three parts: initiating war, waging war, and ending war. The contributors aim to provide a comprehensive introduction to each of these main areas of dispute concerning war. Each essay is an original contribution to ongoing debates on various aspects of war and also provides a survey of the main topics in each subfield. Serving as a companion to the theoretical issues pertaining to war, this volume also is an important contribution to debates in political philosophy. It can serve as a textbook for relevant courses on war offered in philosophy departments, religious studies programs, and law schools.

• Leading figures in political philosophy in the world address war • Comprehensive treatments of conceptual and normative issues on war • Original contributions to pressing debates about justification of war


Part I. Historical Background: 1. Jus ad bellum Gregory Reichberg; 2. Jus in bello Nicholas Rengger; Part II. Initiating War: 3. The principle of just cause Larry May; 4. Aggression and punishment Jeff McMahan; 5. Responding to humanitarian crises Cindy Holder; 6. War and democracy James Bohman; Part III. Waging War: 7. Proportionality and necessity Thomas Hurka; 8. Collateral damage David Lefkowitz; 9. Weapons of mass destruction Steven Lee; 10. Justifying torture as an act of war Michael Davis; 11. Terrorism: definition, defense, and women Marilyn Friedman; Part IV. Ending War: 12. Reconciliation and war's aftermath Trudy Govier; 13. Amnesties and international law Kit Wellman; 14. War crimes: the law of hell David Luban; 15. Revenge and demonization Nancy Sherman.


James Bohman, Michael Davis, Marilyn Friedman, Trudy Govier, Cindy Holder, Thomas Hurka, Steven Lee, David Lefkowitz, David Luban, Larry May, Jeff McMahan, Gregory Reichberg, Nicholas Rengger, Nancy Sherman, Kit Wellman

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