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An Introduction to the International Criminal Court


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521707541)

The International Criminal Court has ushered in a new era in the protection of human rights. Protecting against genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, the Court acts when national justice systems are unwilling or unable to do so. This third edition of this seminal text on the Court considers it in action: its initial rulings by the Pre-Trial Chambers and the Appeals Chamber and those cases it is prosecuting as well as those where it had decided not to proceed, such as Iraq. It also explores the law of the Court up to and including its ruling on a confirmation hearing. It addresses the political context of the court, such as the difficulties created by US opposition and the increasing recognition of the inevitability of the institution. Written by the leading expert in the field, this text is essential reading for any student of the Court and its workings.

• Third edition of this classic text explores the Court 'in action', examining its first cases and rulings • Leading commentator on the Court explores its political context to allow for full understanding • Companion website sets out important documents, problems and solutions and teaching aids such as power point slides


Preface; 1. Creation of the Court; 2. The Court becomes operational; 3. Jurisdiction; 4. Triggering the Jurisdiction; 5. Admissibility; 6. General principles of criminal law; 7. Investigation and pre-trial procedure; 8. Trial and appeal; 9. Punishment; 10. Victims of crimes and their concerns; 11. Structure and administration of the Court; Appendix 1. Rome statute; Appendix 2. States, parties and signatories; Appendix 3. Declarations and reservations; Appendix 4. Objections; Appendix 5. Judges of the Court.


'There is no better work of reference on the topic …' The Times Higher Education Supplement

'… the book is highly recommended. It is well researched with a rich use of primary and secondary sources neatly woven together. … it is a must not only for the relevant law student, but also for those studying the increasingly internationalisation of certain disciplines such as political science, sociology and criminology. The book is further commended not only to the interested layperson but also to human rights-orientated non-governmental organisations.' Commonwealth Law Bulletin

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