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Argumentation Schemes


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521723749)

This book provides a systematic analysis of many common argumentation schemes and a compendium of 96 schemes. The study of these schemes, or forms of argument that capture stereotypical patterns of human reasoning, is at the core of argumentation research. Surveying all aspects of argumentation schemes from the ground up, the book takes the reader from the elementary exposition in the first chapter to the latest state of the art in the research efforts to formalize and classify the schemes, outlined in the last chapter. It provides a systematic and comprehensive account, with notation suitable for computational applications that increasingly make use of argumentation schemes.

• Provides an analysis and compendium of 65 common argumentation schemes • Clearly written from the ground up for interdisciplinary readers • By far the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment of schemes yet in the literature


1. Basic tools in the state of the art; 2. Schemes for argument from analogy, classification and precedent; 3. Knowledge-related, practical and other schemes; 4. Arguments from generally accepted opinions, commitment and character; 5. Causal argumentation schemes; 6. Schemes and enthymemes; 7. Attack, rebuttal and refutation; 8. The history of schemes; 9. A user's compendium of schemes; 10. Refining the classification of schemes; 11. Formalizing schemes; 12. Schemes in computer systems.

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