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Intellectual Disability and Ill Health


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521728898)

People with intellectual disability often have health needs that go unrecognised and untreated; this may be because of difficulties in communication, diagnostic overshadowing, discrimination or indifference. There is concern that public health measures aimed at reducing the main health killers in the population will not address these issues for people with intellectual disability and may preferentially widen the inequality that already exists. This book is a comprehensive and systematic review of physical and mental health co-morbidities in people with intellectual disability. Such an evidence base is vital in shaping public health policy, healthcare commissioning and the development of more effective healthcare systems, as well as supporting better understanding and practice at an individual clinical level. This is essential reading for policy makers and commissioners of services, as well as individual practitioners across mainstream and specialist health and social care, in considering not only service developments but practice at the coalface.

• Comprehensive review of the evidence across the disease spectrum covered within the ICD-10 • Covers physical and mental disorders, as well as aetiology and general healthcare issues • Draws on clinical experience from around the world and across disciplines in medicine


Introduction Jane McCarthy, Jean O'Hara and Nick Bouras; Part I. Healthcare and Aetiology: 1. Healthcare and intellectual disability Jean O'Hara; 2. Congenital causes Jessica A. Hellings, Merlin G. Butler and John A. Grant; 3. Disorders of environmental origin Alaa Al-Sheikh; Part II. Systems Disorders: 4. Infectious diseases Neil A. Douglas; 5. Immune system diseases Jenny Torr and Lynette Lee; 6. Cardiovascular diseases Joav Merrick and Mohammed Morad; 7. Respiratory diseases Muhunthan Thillai; 8. Digestive system diseases Robert W. Davis; 9. Urological and male genital diseases Stefano Lassi; 10. Obstetric and gynaecological disorders Maeve Eogan and Mary Wingfield; 11. Metabolic and endocrine diseases Joav Merrick and Mohammed Morad; 12. Neoplasms Simon Bonell; 13. Otorhinolaryngological disorders Vishwa Radhakrishnan; 14. Eye diseases and visual impairment J. Margaret Woodhouse; 15. Dentition and oral health diseases Stefano Fedele and Crispian Scully; Part III. Disorders of the Nervous System and Neurodevelopment: 16. Mental illness Stephen Ruedrich; 17. Neurodevelopmental disorders Seth A. Mensah and William I. Fraser; 18. Diseases of the nervous system I: epilepsy, hydrocephaly and nervous system malformations Basil Cardoza and Mike Kerr; 19. Diseases of the nervous system II: neurodegenerative diseases including the dementias Muthukumar Kannabiran and Shoumitro Deb; 20. Diseases of the nervous system III: cerebral palsy, movement disorders and pain perception Henry Kwok and W. H. Cheung.


'There are many useful chapters with much valuable information contained within. I would recommend this book to those who work in the field of ID as a must have.' Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

'This book … adds the further dimension of an international perspective and detailed reviews of the evidence around major diseases and organ systems. … easy to go from the text to the source if you wish. … a readable book despite the complex nature of the topics covered … a timely publication for the UK … should have a place on the shelves of the new Public Health Bodies and General Practitioner Consortia.' Tizard Learning Disability Review


Jane McCarthy, Jean O'Hara, Nick Bouras, Jessica A. Hellings, Merlin G. Butler, John A. Grant, Alaa Al-Sheikh, Neil A. Douglas, Jenny Torr, Lynette Lee, Joav Merrick, Mohammed Morad, Muhunthan Thillai, Robert W. Davis, Stefano Lassi, Maeve Eogan, Mary Wingfield, Simon Bonell, Vishwa Radhakrishnan, J. Margaret Woodhouse, Stefano Fedele, Crispian Scully, Stephen Ruedrich, Seth A. Mensah, William I. Fraser, Basil Cardoza, Mike Kerr, Muthukumar Kannabiran, Shoumitro Deb, Henry Kwok, W. H. Cheung

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