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Speaking Greek 2 Audio CD set


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521728966)

Speaking Greek supports the second edition of the bestselling beginner's course, Reading Greek, by providing on two CDs lively new recordings of some of the ancient texts presented in the Text volume. Made by experts and accompanied by special sound effects, the tracks include readings from Homer, Herodotus, Euripides, Aristophanes and Demosthenes. There is also a new introductory track containing a talk by Professor David Langslow about the sounds of ancient Greek. An accompanying leaflet provides a summary, a description of technical terms and further reading. These new CDs will enlighten the experience of the student of ancient Greek, demonstrating that this was a living language, spoken as well as read.

• Provides lively and entertaining readings of ancient Greek as it was spoken in classical times • Offers an invaluable resource particularly for students working on their own without an instructor • First edition widely used both in and outside classrooms across the world for more than two decades


Part I. Pronouncing Ancient Greek: An Introduction David Langslow: 1. Introduction; 2. Stop consonants; 3. Other consonants; 4. Vowels, short and long; 5. Dipthongs, short and long; 6. Accents; 7. Conclusion; 8. Sample illustrative sentences Philomen Probert; Part II. Exerpts from Reading Greek: 1. The insurance scam; 2. The glorious past; 3. Athens and Sparta; 4. Lawlessness in Athenian life; 5. Aristophanes, Wasps; 6. Aristophanes, Lysistrata; 7. Demosthenes, Against Neaira; 8. Euripides, Alkestis; 9. Demosthenes, Against Mnesiboulos and Euergos; 10. Plato, Protagoras; 11. Herodotus, The Story of Adrastos; 12. Homer, Odyssey 8.


David Langslow, Ian McAuslan, James McKay, James Morwood, Philomen Probert

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