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Comparative Criticism
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  • Page extent: 396 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521808071 | ISBN-10: 0521808073)

Comparative Criticism addresses itself to questions of literary theory and criticism. The new volume looks at the humanist tradition in the twentieth century. Articles include: James Hankins on two twentieth century interpreters of Renaissance Humanism; Jill Kraye on Lorenzo Valla; Erika Rummel on Erasmus; Bernhard Fabian on the book in the totalitarian context; Iain Boyd Whyte on the architectural projects of Hitler's Berlin; Tim Benton on Mussolini's Rome; Stephen Bann on psychoanalysis and humanism; Heinrich Dilly, Ernst Osterkamp, and Christopher Green on art history. Reviews include Anthony Levi on the new Harvard I Tatti series of Renaissance texts and translations. The winning entries in the 1999–2000 BCLA/BCLT translation competition are also published.

• Includes a wide range of comparative topics and interdisciplinary debates • Features substantial bibliographies on individual writers and specialist themes for the year • Publishes winning entries from the 1999 BCLA/BCLT translation competition


List of illustrations; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. Humanist Tradition in the Twentieth Century Bernhard Fabian: The book in the totalitarian context; Lorenzo Valla and changing perceptions of Renaissance humanism Jill Kraye; Erasmian humanism in the twentieth century Erika Rummel; Humanism and Fascism Tim Benton; Hitler's Berlin Iain Boyd Whyte; The German National Committee of the Fifteenth International Congress of the History of Art in London, 1939 Heinrich Dilly; Civilization and barbarism: an anthropological approach Pat Caplan; Scientific humanism Gregory Blue; Walter Pater to Adrian Stokes: psychoanalysis and humanism Stephen Bann; Art history and humanist tradition in the Stefan George Circle Ernst Osterkamp; Humanisms: Picasso, Waldemar George and the politics of 'Man' in the 1930s Christopher Green; Part II. Literature and Translation: Molière Sganarelle (translated from the French by Bill Kirton); Juan Manuel Arango This Place in the Night: poems (translated from the Spanish by Anabel Torres); Halldór Laxness The Fair Maiden: two chapters from a novel (translated from the Icelandic by Philip Roughton); Ruben Fonseca Lúcia McCartney: a short story (translated from the Portuguese by Ana Frankenberg-Garcia); Part III. Essay Reviews: On the I Tatti Renaissance Anthony Levi; On Franz Steiner, Selected Writings, volume I: Taboo, Truth and Religion N. J. Allen; volume II: Orientpolitik, Value and Civilisation; Turning Descartes upside down: on Katherine Hayles, How we Became Posthuman Jeff Wallace; Books and periodicals received.


Bernhard Fabian, Jill Kraye, Erika Rummel, Tim Benton, Iain Boyd Whyte, Heinrich Dilly, Pat Caplan, Gregory Blue, Stephen Bann, Ernst Osterkamp, Christopher Green, Anthony Levi, N. J. Allen, Jeff Wallace

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