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Algebraic Combinatorics on Words


  • Page extent: 520 pages
  • Size: 247 x 174 mm
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Library of Congress

  • Dewey number: 511/.6
  • Dewey version: 21
  • LC Classification: QA164 .L65 2002
  • LC Subject headings:
    • Combinatorial analysis
    • Word problems (Mathematics)

Library of Congress Record


 (ISBN-13: 9780521812207 | ISBN-10: 0521812208)

Combinatorics on words has arisen independently within several branches of mathematics, for instance number theory, group theory and probability, and appears frequently in problems related to theoretical computer science. The first unified treatment of the area was given in Lothaire's book Combinatorics on Words. Originally published in 2002, this book presents several more topics and provides deeper insights into subjects discussed in the previous volume. An introductory chapter provides the reader with all the necessary background material. There are numerous examples, full proofs whenever possible and a notes section discussing further developments in the area. This book is both a comprehensive introduction to the subject and a valuable reference source for researchers.

• Companion volume to the classic Combinatorics on Words, covers material not seen in the original and gives deeper insights into some that was • Self-contained, with introductory material for those new to the subject • Comprehensive, featuring full proof and references for researchers


1. Finite and infinite words J. Berstel and D. Perrin; 2. Sturmian words J. Berstel and P. Séébold; 3. Unavoidable patterns J. Cassaigne; 4. Sesquipowers A. De Luca and S. Varricchio; 5. The plactic monoid A. Lascoux, B. Leclerc and J.-Y. Thibon; 6. Codes V. Bruyère; 7. Numeration systems C. Frougny; 8. Periodicity F. Mignosi and A. Restivo; 9. Centralisers of noncommutative series and polynomials C. Reutenauer; 10. Transformations on words and q-calculus D. Foata and G.-N. Han; 11. Statistics on permutations and words J. Désarménien; 12. Makanin's algorithm V. Diekert; 13. Independent systems of equations T. Harju, J. Karhumäki and W. Plandowski.


Review of the hardback: 'This book will certainly become a reference book and have the same impact as the first book of Lotahire: essentially self-contained, with many exercise and interesting notes, not mentioning a bibliography with more than 450 items.' Jean-Paul Allouche, Zentrallblatt MATH

Review of the hardback: '… an indispensable reference …' Mathematika


J. Berstel, D. Perrin, P. Séébold, J. Cassaigne, A. De Luca, S. Varricchio, A. Lascoux, B. Leclerc, J.-Y. Thibon, V. Bruyère, C. Frougny, F. Mignosi, A. Restivo, C. Reutenauer, D. Foata, G.-N. Han, J. Désarménien, V. Diekert, T. Harju, J. Karhumäki, W. Plandowski

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