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Zoos in the 21st Century


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521853330)

Modern zoos and aquaria are playing an increasingly active and important role in protecting and managing global biodiversity. Many zoos include wildlife conservation in their mission and have started changing the focus of their institutions in order to increase even further the benefits of their activities for in situ wildlife conservation. With these developments, the following searching questions are now being asked: What is the true role of zoos in conservation? How can they contribute more significantly to global conservation efforts? What are the unique attributes of zoos that can be applied in the conservation landscape? And should zoos be doing more? In parallel with this voluntary movement, legal requirements for zoos to support conservation in the wild are also becoming more stringent. This 2007 book defines a conservation vision for zoos and aquaria that will be of interest to those working in zoos, alongside practitioners and researchers in conservation.

• Brings together the assessments, analyses, criticisms, reviews, experiences, visions and recommendations of more than 40 leading thinkers and practitioners from zoos • Defines a new conservation vision for zoos and aquaria that increases their contribution to tackling the on-going global biodiversity crisis • Introduces new topics not discussed in other books, such as evalution of zoo's efforts, cost-benefit analyses, comparison of strategies on a global scale and the societal, policy making and fundraising roles of zoos


Acknowledgements; Foreword Achim Steiner; Part I. Zoos Entering the Twenty-First Century: 1. Introduction: is there a conservation role for zoos in a natural world under fire? Chris D. West and Lesley A. Dickie; 2. Entering the 21st century William Conway; 3. How do national and international regulations and policies influence the role of zoos and aquaria in conservation? Bengt Holst and Lesley A. Dickie; Part II. The Challenge of Changing Behaviour: 4. Conservation education in zoos: an emphasis on behavioral change Eleanor Sterling, Jimin Lee and Tom Wood; 5. Inspiration for conservation: moving audiences to care John A. Gwynne; 6. Attitudes and attitude change among zoo visitors Richard P. Reading and Brian J. Miller; 7. The animal rights-conservation debate: can zoos and aquariums play a role? Michael Hutchins; 8. Creating a culture of conservation: a case study of a backyard approach Beth Stevens, Jackie Ogden and Kim R. Sams; 9. Message received? Quantifying the impact of informal conservation education on adults visiting UK zoos Andrew Balmford, Nigel Leader-Williams, Georgina M. Mace, Andrea Manica, Olivia Walter, Chris West and Alexandra Zimmermann; Part III. Establishing Connections Between Zoos and the Wild: 10. Animal ambassadors: an analysis of the effectiveness and conservation impact of ex-situ breeding efforts Anne Baker; 11. Re-introductions from zoos: a conservation guiding light or a shooting star? Mark R. Stanley Price and John E. Fa; 12. Research by zoos Dan Wharton; 13. Conservation medicine John C. M. Lewis; 14. The Masoala rainforest: a model partnership in support of in situ conservation in Madagascar Matthew Hatchwell and Alex Rübel; 15. In situ and ex situ conservation: blurring the boundaries between zoos and the wild Lesley A. Dickie, Jeffrey P. Bonner and Chris D. West; 16. Beyond the ark: conservation biologists' views of the achievements of zoos in conservation Nigel Leader-Williams, Andrew P. Balmford, Matthew Linke, Georgina M. Mace, Robert J. Smith, Miranda Stevenson, Olivia Walter, Chris D. West and Alexander Zimmermann; Part IV. Direct Involvement of Zoos in in situ Conservation: 17. Zoo-based fundraising for in situ wildlife conservation Sarah Christie; 18. The Madagascar Fauna Group: what zoo cooperation can do for conservation Lee Durrell, David E. Anderson, Andrea S. Katz, Dean Gibson, Charles R. Welch, Eva L. Sargent and Ingrid Porton; 19. Zoo coalitions for conservation David A. Field and Lesley A. Dickie; 20. The conservation mission in the wild: zoos as conservation NGOs Alexandra Zimmermann and Roger Wilkinson; 21. Measuring conservation success: assessing zoos' contribution Georgina M. Mace, Andrew Balmford, Nigel Leader-Williams, Andrea Manica, Olivia Walter, Chris D. West and Alexandra Zimmermann; 22. The future of zoos Matthew Hatchwell, Alex Rübel, Lesley A. Dickie, Chris D. West and Alexandra Zimmermann; Bibliographic resource: zoos and conservation Scott Wilson and Alexandra Zimmermann.


'This book defines a new conservation vision for zoos and aquariums that will be of interest to those working in zoos, alongside practitioners and researchers in conservation.' EAZA News

' … this is a comprehensive book that presents and discusses many of the challenges that zoo-related conservation science is faced with nowadays. It has the merit of inserting zoos and aquaria into today's reality, linking this to a variety of conservation approaches, thereby broadening the framework of mainstream conservation textbooks. It not only describes the current situation, but proposes applied strategies to face such challenges, whilst considering the wide diversity of 'zoo sizes', as well as acknowledging the different roles zoos in developed and developing countries can play.' Animal Welfare 2008


Achim Steiner, Chris D. West, Lesley A. Dickie, William Conway, Bengt Holst, Eleanor Sterling, Jimin Lee, Tom Wood, John A. Gwynne, Richard P. Reading, Brian J. Miller, Michael Hutchins, Beth Stevens, Jackie Ogden, Kim R. Sams, Andrew Balmford, Nigel Leader-Williams, Georgina M. Mace, Andrea Manica, Olivia Walter, Alexandra Zimmermann, Anne Baker, Mark R. Stanley Price, John E. Fa, Dan Wharton, John C. M. Lewis, Matthew Hatchwell, Alex Rübel, Jeffrey P. Bonner, Matthew Linke, Robert J. Smith, Miranda Stevenson, Sarah Christie, Lee Durrell, David E. Anderson, Andrea S. Katz, Dean Gibson, Charles R. Welch, Eva L. Sargent, Ingrid Porton, David A. Field, Roger Wilkinson, Scott Wilson

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