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Friedrich Nietzsche

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    • Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,--1844-1900

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521871174)

In this beautifully written account, Julian Young provides the most comprehensive biography available today of the life and philosophy of the nineteenth-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Young deals with the many puzzles created by the conjunction of Nietzsche's personal history and his work: why the son of a Lutheran pastor developed into the self-styled 'Antichrist'; why this archetypical Prussian came to loath Bismarck's Prussia; and why this enemy of feminism preferred the company of feminist women. Setting Nietzsche's thought in the context of his times - the rise of Prussian militarism, anti-Semitism, Darwinian science, the 'Youth' and emancipationist movements, as well as the 'death of God' - Young emphasises the decisive influence of Plato and of Richard Wagner on Nietzsche's attempted reform of Western culture.

• Only comprehensive account of both life and works. Written by an author trained in both history and philosophy • Recognises and explains, for the first time, the decisive and continuing influence of Richard Wagner on Nietzsche's thought • Web based audio files of Nietzsche's musical compositions provide a valuable insight into Nietzsche's thinking


Part I. Youth: 1. Da campo; 2. Pforta; 3. Bonn; 4. Leipzig; 5. Schopenhauer; Part II. The Reluctant Professor: 6. Basel; 7. Richard Wagner and the birth of The Birth of Tragedy; 8. War and aftermath; 9. Anal philology; 10. Untimely Meditations; 11. Aimez vous Brahms?; 12. Aufwiedersehen Bayreuth; 13. Sorrento; 14. Human, All-Too-Human; Part III. The Nomad: 15. The wanderer and his shadow; 16. Dawn; 17. The Gay Science; 18. The Salomé affair; 19. Zarathustra; 20. Nietzsche's circle of women; 21. Beyond Good and Evil; 22. Clearing the decks; 23. The Genealogy of Morals; 24. 1888; 25. Catastrophe; 26. The rise and fall of The Will to Power; 27. The end; Postscript: Nietzsche's madness.


'Julian Young brings together his fine scholarly skills, his delightful writing style, and a solid grasp of Nietzsche's thought to produce a philosophical biography that will be unparalleled for years to come. Especially valuable is Young's way of showing how events in Nietzsche's life hooked up with intellectual developments in this multi-faceted philosopher. A pleasure to read and a valuable source of information.' Charles Guignon, University of South Florida

'A first in the history of Nietzsche studies: a richly detailed biography written by a leading scholar of Nietzsche's philosophy. The volume nicely mixes the intriguing particulars of Nietzsche's life with intelligent analyses of his philosophical work that are well-informed, always clear, sometimes controversial, but consistently interesting. It will now be the starting place for the philosophically-minded reader of Nietzsche seeking a comprehensive treatment of the life and the work.' Brian Leiter, University of Chicago

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