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Styling Romanisation


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  • Dewey number: 738.0945
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  • LC Subject headings:
    • Black pottery--Italy
    • Pottery--Social aspects--Italy
    • Italy--History--To 476
    • Italy--Social life and customs--To 10

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521875677)

What was the impact of Romanisation on non-elite life in central Italy during the late third and second centuries BC? Focusing on the increasing spread of black-gloss pottery across the peninsula, this text demonstrates the importance of the study of such everyday artefacts as a way of approaching aspects of social history that are otherwise little documented. Placing its subject within the wider debate over cultural identity in the Roman world, the book argues that stylistic changes in such objects of everyday use document the development of new forms of social representation among non-elite groups in Roman Italy. In contrast to previous accounts, the book concludes that, rather than pointing to a loss of regional cultural identities, the ceramic patterns suggest that the Romanisation of Italy provided new material opportunities across the social scale.

• Offers a novel approach to one of the most important types of ceramics in Republican Italy, incorporating both archaeological and historical methodologies • Provides a comprehensive discussion of Italian black-gloss pottery in English • Digests a great deal of Continental European scholarship


Introduction; 1. Romanisation; 2. Black-gloss wares and the Romanisation of Italy; 3. Style and society in central Italy during the Hellenistic period; 4. Volterra; 5. Capena; 6. Ceramics and the Romanisation of central Italy; 7. Conclusion.

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