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The Cambridge Companion to the Trinity


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    • Trinity--History of doctrines

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521877398)

How do Christians reconcile their belief in one God with the concept of three divine 'persons'? This Companion provides an overview of how the Christian doctrine of the Trinity has been understood and articulated in the last two thousand years. The Trinitarian theologies of key theologians, from the New Testament to the twentieth century, are carefully examined and the doctrine of the Trinity is brought into dialogue with non-Christian religions as well as with other Christian beliefs. Authors from a range of denominational backgrounds explore the importance of Trinitarian thought, locating the Trinity within the wider context of systematic theology. Contemporary theology has seen a widespread revival of the doctrine of the Trinity and this book incorporates the most recent developments in the scholarship.

• Comprehensive survey of the theology of the Trinity with a broad range of perspectives • The doctrine of the Trinity is discussed in the context of non-Christian religions providing a broader understanding of the theological impact • Provides a clear introduction for those new to the topic


Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Developments of the doctrine of the Trinity Peter C. Phan; 2. Systematic issues in Trinitarian theology Peter C. Phan; Part II. Retrieving the Sources: 3. Like a finger pointing to the moon: exploring the Trinity and/in the New Testament Elaine M. Wainwright; 4. The Trinity in the Greek fathers John Anthony McGuckin; 5. Latin Trinitarian theology Michel René Barnes; Part III. Renewing the Tradition: 6. God as the mystery of sharing and shared love: Thomas Aquinas on the Trinity Anselm Kyongsuk Min; 7. The Trinity in Bonaventure Kenan B. Osborne; 8. The Trinity in the Reformation: discontinuity in continuity Young-Ho Chun; 9. Between history and speculation: Christian Trinitarian thinking after the Reformation Christine Helmer; Part IV. Contemporary Theologians: 10. Karl Barth, reconciliation and the Triune God Peter Goodwin Heltzel and Christian T. Collins Winn; 11. Mystery of grace and salvation: Karl Rahner's theology of the Trinity Peter C. Phan; 12. Hans Urs von Balthasar on the Trinity Karen Kilby; 13. The Trinitarian doctrines of Jürgen Moltmann and Wolfhart Pannenberg in the context of contemporary discussion Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen; 14. Sophia, Apophasis and communion: the Trinity in contemporary orthodox theology Aristotle Papanikolaou; 15. The life-giving reality of God from Black, Latin American, and US Hispanic theological perspectives Miguel H. Díaz; 16. Feminist theologies and the Trinity Patricia Fox; Part V. In Dialogue with Other Religions: 17. The Tao in Confucianism/Taoism: the Trinity in East Asian perspective Heup Young Kim; 18. Trinity and Hinduism Francis A. Clooney; 19. Primordial vow: reflections on the Holy Trinity in light of dialogue with pure land Buddhism James L. Fredericks; 20. Trinity in Judaism and Islam David B. Burrell; Part VI. Systematic Connections: 21. Trinity, Christology, and pneumatology Anne Hunt; 22. The Trinity in the Liturgy, sacraments, and mysticism Susan K. Wood; 23. The Trinity and social-political ethics Dale Irvin.


'Phan's volume stands as a worthy contribution to the Cambridge series, bringing the ancient discussions into conversation with more contemporary articulations of Trinitarian thought.' Reviews in Religion and Theology


Peter C. Phan, Elaine M. Wainwright, John Anthony McGuckin, Michel René Barnes, Anselm Kyongsuk Min, Kenan B. Osborne, Young-Ho Chun, Christine Helmer, Peter Goodwin Heltzel, Christian T. Collins Winn, Karen Kilby, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Aristotle Papanikolaou, Miguel H. Díaz, Patricia Fox, Heup Young Kim, Francis A. Clooney, James L. Fredericks, David B. Burrell, Anne Hunt, Susan K. Wood, Dale Irvin

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