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The Cambridge History of Australian Literature


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521881654)

The Cambridge History of Australian Literature is the most comprehensive volume ever written on Australia's national literature. This authoritative guide spans Australian literary history from colonial origins, encompassing indigenous and migrant literatures, as well as representations of Asia and the Pacific and the role of literary culture in modern Australian society. Bringing together a distinguished line-up of contributors, this volume explores each of the literary modes in an Australian context, including short story, poetry, children's literature, autobiography and fiction. This book is an essential reference for general readers and specialists alike.

• The biggest ever history of Australian literature • The most up-to-date in scholarly terms and a book that draws on the strongest available cast of authors • New emphases such as literature of Asia, of the Pacific, as well as perceptions of England and Australia from each vantage point


List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction Peter Pierce; Part I. From European Imaginings of Australia to the End of the Colonial Period: 1. Britain's Australia Ken Stewart; 2. The beginnings of literature in colonial Australia Elizabeth Webby; 3. Early writing by Indigenous Australians Penny Van Toorn; 4. Australian colonial poetry, 1788–1888: claiming the future, restoring the past Vivian Smith; 5. No place for a book? Fiction in Australia to 1890 Tanya Dalziell; 6. Romantic aftermaths Richard Lansdown; Part II. From the Late Nineteenth Century to 1950: 7. Australia's Australia Peter Pierce; 8. The short story, 1890s to 1950 Bruce Bennett; 9. Australian drama, 1850–1950 Peter Fitzpatrick; 10. 'New words come tripping slowly': poetry, popular culture and modernity, 1890–1950 Peter Kirkpatrick; 11. Australian fiction and the world republic of letters, 1890–1950 Robert Dixon; 12. Australia's England, 1890–1950 Peter Morton; Part III. Traverses: 13. Australian children's literature Clare Bradford; 14. Representations of Asia Robin Gerster; 15. Autobiography David McCooey; 16. Riding on the 'uncurl'd clouds': the intersection of fiction and history Brian Matthews; Part IV. From 1950 to Nearly Now: 17. Publishing, patronage and cultural politics: institutional changes in the field of Australian literature from 1950 David Carter; 18. Theatre from 1950 Katharine Brisbane; 19. The short story from 1950 Stephen Torre; 20. Scribbling on the fringes: post-1950 Australian poetry Dennis Haskell; 21. Groups and mavericks John Kinsella; 22. The challenge of the novel: Australian fiction since 1950 Susan Lever; 23. The novel, the implicated reader and Australian literary cultures, 1950–2008 Richard Nile and Jason Ensor; 24. Nation, literature, location Philip Mead; Select bibliography; Index.


'… innovative approach … informative, highly stimulating … exciting revaluations of familiar works, authors and periods.' Zeitschrift fur Anglistik und Amerikanistik


Peter Pierce, Ken Stewart, Penny Van Toorn, Vivian Smith, Tanya Dalziell, Richard Lansdown, Bruce Bennett, Peter Fitzpatrick, Peter Kirkpatrick, Robert Dixon, Peter Morton, Clare Bradford, Robin Gerster, David McCooey, Brian Matthews, David Carter, Katharine Brisbane, Stephen Torre, Dennis Haskell, John Kinsella, Susan Lever, Richard Nile, Jason Ensor, Philip Mead

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