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RF Power Amplifier Behavioral Modeling


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521881739)

If you are an engineer or RF designer working with wireless transmitter power amplifier models, this comprehensive and up-to-date review of nonlinear theory and power amplifier modeling techniques is an absolute must-have. Including a detailed treatment of nonlinear theory, as well as chapters on memory effects, implementation in commercial circuit simulators, and validation, this one-stop reference makes power amplifier modeling more accessible by connecting the mathematics with the practicalities of RF power amplifier design. Uniquely, the book explains how systematically to evaluate a model's accuracy and validity, compares model types and offers recommendations as to which model to use in which situation.

• Comprehensive and up-to-date one-stop reference • Uniquely explains how to evaluate a model's accuracy and validity • Contains chapters from key figures in amplifier modelling from 15 European universities and institutes around the world


1. Power amplifier modelling overview; 2. Properties of behavioural models; 3. Nonlinear memoryless models; 4. Nonlinear models with linear memory; 5. Nonlinear models with non-linear memory; 6. Validation and comparison of PA models; 7. Aspects of system simulation; Appendicies: A. Recent wireless standards; B. Abbreviations; C. Authors and contributors.

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