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The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad 9 Volume Hardback Set


  • 84 b/w illus.
  • Page extent: 5000 pages
  • Size: 216 x 138 mm
  • Weight: 8.8 kg

9 Hardback books

 (ISBN-13: 9780521881906)

This landmark nine-volume set offers the complete letters of Joseph Conrad in the highly acclaimed authorised Cambridge edition. Starting with his earliest letters to his imprisoned father and following through his adult careers at sea and as a writer, and his experiences as lover, husband, friend, and parent, these volumes allow scholars to read Conrad's life in his own words. The first eight volumes present over four thousand letters in chronological order. The final volume includes, as well as a cumulative index to the edition, more than two hundred newly available letters, adding fresh nuances and complexities to the remarkable story of his life and work. In each volume, extensive explanatory notes and invaluable introductions illuminate the context of his work and times. This edition has become a standard reference work for all scholars and students of Conrad, and will retain its importance for generations to come.

• The standard, authorised edition of Conrad's letters now available as a set • Includes detailed information about all stages of his life and career • A vital resource for all serious scholars of Conrad


Volume 1: 1861–1897 Frederick Karl and Laurence Davies; Volume 2: 1898–1902 Frederick Karl and Laurence Davies; Volume 3: 1903–1907 Frederick Karl and Laurence Davies; Volume 4: 1908–1911 Frederick Karl and Laurence Davies; Volume 5: 1912–1916 Frederick Karl and Laurence Davies; Volume 6: 1917–1919 Laurence Davies, Frederick R. Karl and Owen Knowles; Volume 7: 1920–1922 Laurence Davies and J. H. Stape; Volume 8: 1923–1924 Laurence Davies and Gene M. Moore; Volume 9: Uncollected letters and indexes Laurence Davies, Owen Knowles, Gene M. Moore and J. H. Stape.


'The excellent editing, explanatory footnotes that evidence extensive sleuthing, diligently researched answers to questions that the letters raise, the useful chronology, bibliography, brief biographies of correspondents, and photos characterize all the volumes so far.' Studies in the Novel

'Altogether, there is in Volume 7 of the Collected Letters so much evidence of the excellent work carried out by the editors that the indebtedness of Conrad students to their labours is immense. And the volume also brilliantly confirms that Conrad himself is a really inexhaustible source of interest and pleasure.' The Conradian

Review of the series: 'The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad … is an unprecedented project for modern English letters. It is a great credit to [Cambridge University Press] that it has made possible a formidable body of finely researched and authoritative editions.' Anthony Fothergill, Review 19 (


Frederick Karl, Laurence Davies, Owen Knowles, J. H. Stape, Gene M. Moore

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