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Political Women and American Democracy


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    • Women in politics--United States

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521886239)

What do we know about women, politics, and democracy in the United States? The last thirty years have witnessed a remarkable increase in women's participation in American politics and an explosion of research on female political actors, and the transformations effected by them, during the same period. Political Women and American Democracy provides a critical synthesis of scholarly research by leading experts in the field. The collected essays examine women as citizens, voters, participants, movement activists, partisans, candidates, and legislators. The authors provide frameworks for understanding and organizing existing scholarship; focus on theoretical, methodological, and empirical debates; and map out productive directions for future research. Political Women and American Democracy is an invaluable resource for scholars and students studying and conducting women and politics research.

• Provides an overview and framework for understanding the state of research on women and politics • Critical synthesis of 30 years of scholarly political science literature on women, gender, and American politics • Places US research on women, gender and politics in comparative political context


1. Introduction: what we saw at the Revolution: women in American politics and political science Christina Wolbrecht; 2. Gender as a category of political analysis in American political development Gretchen Ritter; 3. Gender, public opinion, and political reasoning Leonie Huddy, Erin Cassese, and Mary-Kate Lizotte; 4. Gender in the aggregate, gender in the individual, gender and political action Nancy Burns; 5. What revolution? Incorporating intersectionality in women and politics Jane Junn and Nadia Brown; 6. Women's movements and women in movements: influencing American democracy from the 'outside'? Lee Ann Banaszak; 7. Representation by gender and parties Kira Sanbonmatsu; 8. Women as candidates in American politics: the continuing impact of sex and gender Kathleen Dolan; 9. Women as office holders: linking descriptive and substantive representation Beth Reingold; 10. Theorizing women's representation in the United States Suzanne Dovi; 11. Political women in comparative democracies: a primer for Americanists Lisa Baldez; Conclusion: between participation and representation: political women and democracy in the United States Karen Beckwith.


'… a powerful statement, sure to engender creative dialogue.' Journal of Politics

'Thorough and insightful, this edited collection will benefit scholars at every level of expertise. It is a must-read for gender and politics scholars. However, it should be a must-read for every scholar whose work touches on US electoral and legislative politics. … If the potential of Political Women and American Democracy is ultimately recognised, its influence will ultimately go beyond the gender and politics subfield, to shape the work of the broader US politics field, inspiring scholars previously unaware of gender's centrality to their own work to think in new ways.' Politics and Gender


Christina Wolbrecht, Gretchen Ritter, Leonie Huddy, Erin Cassese, Mary-Kate Lizotte, Nancy Burns, Jane Junn, Nadia Brown, Lee Ann Banaszak, Kira Sanbonmatsu, Kathleen Dolan, Beth Reingold, Suzanne Dovi, Lisa Baldez, Karen Beckwith

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