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Gravitational Systems of Groundwater Flow


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    • Groundwater flow

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521886383)

This book recognizes groundwater flow as a fundamental geologic agent, and presents a wide-ranging and illustrated overview of its history, principles, scientific consequences and practical utilization. The author, one of the founding fathers of modern hydrogeology, highlights key interrelationships between seemingly disparate processes and systems by tracing them to a common root cause - gravity-driven groundwater flow. Numerous examples demonstrate practical applications in a diverse range of subjects, including land-use planning, environment protection, wetland ecology, agriculture, forestry, geotechnical engineering, nuclear-waste disposal, mineral and petroleum exploration, and geothermal heat flow. The book contains numerous user-friendly features for a multidisciplinary readership, including full explanations of the relevant mathematics, emphasis on the physical meaning of the equations, and an extensive glossary. It is a key reference for researchers, consultants and advanced students of hydrogeology and reservoir engineering.

• Written by one of the founding fathers of the modern discipline of hydrogeology, with over forty-five years of experience in the subject • Provides an introduction to the theory and applications of gravity-driven groundwater flow, serving as a road map for further research in the field • Incorporates a glossary with unambiguous and rigorous definitions of relevant terms, making the book valuable for a wide, multidisciplinary readership


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. The 'unit basin'; 3. Flow patterns in composite and heterogeneous basins; 4. Gravity flow of groundwater: a geologic agent; 5. Practical applications: selected case studies and histories; 6. Gravitational systems of groundwater flow and the science of hydrogeology; 7. Glossary; References; Appendix A; Appendix B; Index.


'Gravitational Systems of Groundwater Flow is a truly unique and career-defining contribution to the hydrologic sciences, well suited for teaching and reference. … All I can say … is 'well done, Professor Tóth, well done!'' Geofluids

'Anyone interested in improving their understanding and appreciation of groundwater-flow systems … will enjoy reading and being inspired by Tóth's latest work.' Hydrogeology Journal

'Gravitational Systems of Groundwater Flow is thoroughly supported with citations to the relevant literature, both historical and current. Generously illustrated with clear diagrams and adequate photos, it includes an extensive bibliography.' Ground Water

'There are many books that explain the equations governing groundwater flow, but I am aware of no others that focus primarily on concepts related to regional-scale gravitational groundwater flow and do so from a truly geologic perspective; emphasis is inherently placed on the commonly overseen, yet critical, connection between shallow and deep flow systems. It is this unique aspect of the book that lends it considerable value as a hydrogeologic reference for a broad range of Earth scientists.' Economic Geology

'Tóth describes flow systems from across the world, the variation in hydraulic head with depth and stratigraphy and how flow-system theory is used to explain ore deposits and locate potential repository rocks for nuclear waste disposal.' Environmental and Engineering Geoscience

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