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The Cambridge Companion to John Wesley


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521886536)

A leading figure in the Evangelical Revival in eighteenth-century England, John Wesley (1703–91) is the founding father of Methodism and, by extension, of the Holiness and Pentecostal movements. This Cambridge Companion offers a general, comprehensive introduction to Wesley's life and work, and to his theological and ecclesiastical legacy. Written from various disciplinary perspectives, including history, literature, theology, and religious studies, this volume will be an invaluable aid to scholars and students, including those encountering the work and thought of Wesley for the first time.

• A multi-disciplinary, comprehensive introduction to the life, work and legacy of John Wesley • The best one-volume introduction to the founder of the worldwide Methodist movement • Must-reading for anyone interested in eighteenth century English religious life, the Evangelical Revival, or the history of Methodism, the Holiness movement, and Pentecostalism


Introduction Randy L. Maddox and Jason E. Vickers; Part I. Wesley's Context: 1. The long eighteenth century Jeremy Gregory; Part II. Wesley's Life: 2. Wesley's life and ministry Kenneth J. Collins; 3. Wesley in context David N. Hempton; Part III. Wesley's Work: 4. Wesley as revivalist/renewal leader Charles I. Wallace; 5. Wesley as preacher William J. Abraham; 6. Wesley as biblical interpreter Robert W. Wall; 7. Wesley as diarist and correspondent Ted A. Campbell; 8. Wesley as editor and publisher Isabel Rivers; 9. Wesley's engagement with the natural sciences Randy L. Maddox; 10. Wesley as adviser on health and healing Deborah Madden; 11. Wesley's theological emphases Jason E. Vickers; 12. Happiness, holiness, and the moral life in John Wesley Rebekah L. Miles; 13. Wesley's emphases on worship and the means of grace Karen B. Westerfield Tucker; Part IV. Wesley's Legacy: 14. Spread of Wesleyan Methodism Kenneth Cracknell; 15. The Holiness/Pentecostal/charismatic extension of the Wesleyan tradition Randall J. Stephens; 16. The African-American wing of the Wesleyan tradition Dennis C. Dickerson; 17. Current debates over Wesley's legacy among his progeny Sarah H. Lancaster.

Prize Winner

Smith-Wynkoop Book Award 2010 - Winner


'This is a solid contribution to the Cambridge Companion series, with balanced essays covering a wide and appropriate variety of topics.' Theological Book Review

'This will appeal just as much to the general reader eager to get beyond Methodist hagiography to discover the nuances and complexities of Wesley's contribution as to the student of religious history trying to locate the Methodist movement …' Wesley and Methodist Studies


Randy L. Maddox, Jason E. Vickers, Jeremy Gregory, Kenneth J. Collins, David N. Hempton, Charles I. Wallace, William J. Abraham, Robert W. Wall, Ted A. Campbell, Isabel Rivers, Deborah Madden, Rebekah L. Miles, Karen B. Westerfield Tucker, Kenneth Cracknell, Randall J. Stephens, Dennis C. Dickerson, Sarah H. Lancaster

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