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Environmental Liability and Ecological Damage In European Law


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521889971)

Providing a comprehensive analysis of environmental liability law in Europe, this book offers a general introduction to the status of environmental liability in Europe. It describes the relevant international treaties and the EC-Environmental Liability Directive and discusses the conflict of laws issues regarding transfrontier environmental damage. It also contains the results of a comparative project covering 14 jurisdictions in 13 European countries (Austria, Belgium, England and Wales, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden) on the private law aspects of environmental liability. It addresses the main problems of the application of tort law in environmental law, such as the availability of non-fault liability, the establishment of causation, the scope of available remedies and the issue of legal standing. Due to the very limited harmonizing effect of the EC-Environmental Liability Directive national tort law will keep its importance in the field of environmental liability.

• Clear division into three parts which gives the reader a comprehensive overview and quick access to the information • Presentation of the national jurisdictions in the form of case studies, which makes the discussion of national law result-orientated and renders the answers of the national reporters comparable • Contains comprehensive registers and bibliographies which give the reader a basis for further research on the topics


Part I. Environmental liability in Europe: 1. International and supranational systems of environmental liability in Europe; 2. Some observations on the law applicable to transfrontier environmental damage; Part II. The Case Studies: 1. Goal of the questionnaire; 2. Text of the Questionnaire; Part III. Comparison: Summary and Conclusions.


Hubert Bocken, Eugenia Dacoronia, Alan Doyle, Phillippe Guillot, Monika Hinteregger, Norma Hird, Erkki J. Hollo, Geraint Howells, Marie-Louise Larsson, Thomas M. J. Möllers, Willibald Posch, Barbara Pozzo, Elspeth Reid, Dominique A.J. Roomberg, Peter Rott, Albert Ruda, José Cunhal Sendim, Carolyn Shelborne

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