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Evolution of Sleep


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521894975)

Research during the past two decades has produced major advances in understanding sleep within particular species. Simultaneously, molecular advances have made it possible to generate phylogenetic trees, while new analytical methods provide the tools to examine macroevolutionary change on these trees. These methods have recently been applied to questions concerning the evolution of distinctive sleep state characteristics and functions. This book synthesizes recent advances in our understanding of the evolutionary origins of sleep and its adaptive function, and it lays the groundwork for future evolutionary research by assessing sleep patterns in the major animal lineages.


1. Introduction Patrick McNamara, Charles L. Nunn and Robert A. Barton; 2. Ecological constraints on mammalian sleep architecture Isabella Capellini, Brian T. Preston, Patrick McNamara, Robert A. Barton and Charles L. Nunn; 3. Sleep in insects Kristyna M. Hartse; 4. Schooling by continuously-active fishes: clues to sleep's ultimate function J. Lee Kavanau; 5. What exactly is it that sleeps?: the evolution, regulation and organization of an emergent network property James M. Krueger; 6. Evolutionary medicine of sleep disorders: toward a science of sleep duration Patrick McNamara and Sanford Auerbach; 7. Primate sleep in phylogenetic perspective Charles N. Nunn, Patrick McNamara, Isabella Capellini, Brian T. Preston and Robert Barton; 8. A bird's eye view on the function of sleep Niels C. Rattenborg and Charles J. Amlaner; 9. The evolution of wakefulness: from reptiles to mammals Ruben V. Rial, Mourad Akaarir, Antoni Gamundi, M. Cristina Nicolau and Susana Esteban; 10. Evolution of REM sleep Mahesh M. Thakkar and Subimal Datta; 11. Towards the understanding of the function of sleep: new insights from mouse genetics Valter Tucci and Patrick M. Nolan; 12. Fishing for sleep Irina V. Zhdanova.


Patrick McNamara, Charles L. Nunn, Robert A. Barton, Isabella Capellini, Brian T. Preston, Kristyna M. Hartse, J. Lee Kavanau, James M. Krueger, Sanford Auerbach, Niels C. Rattenborg, Ruben V. Rial, Mourad Akaarir, Antoni Gamundi, M. Cristina Nicolau, Susana Esteban, Mehesh M. Thakkar, Subimal Datta, Valter Tucci, Patrick M. Nolan, Irina V. Zhdanova

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