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A History of American Civil War Literature


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  • Dewey number: 810.9/358
  • Dewey version: 23
  • LC Classification: PS217.C58 H57 2015
  • LC Subject headings:
    • United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Literature and the war
    • War and literature--United States--History
    • American literature--History and criticism
    • War in literature

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 (ISBN-13: 9781107109728)

This book is the first omnibus history of the literature of the American Civil War, the deadliest conflict in US history. A History of American Civil War Literature examines the way in which the war has been remembered and rewritten over time in prose, poems, and other narratives. This history incorporates new directions in Civil War historiography and cultural studies while giving equal attention to writings from both northern and southern states. It redresses the traditional neglect of southern literary cultures by moving between the North and the South, thus finding a balance between Union and Confederate texts. Written by leading scholars in the field, this book works to redefine the boundaries of American Civil War literature while posing a fundamental question: why does this 150-year-old conflict continue to capture the American imagination?

• The first omnibus history of the literature of the American Civil War • Includes twenty-one essays by many of the leading scholars of Civil War literature • Tells a compelling story about the way the war has been remembered and rewritten over time, spanning the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries


1. Harriet Beecher Stowe and the 'book that made this great war' Judie Newman; 2. The American book trade and the Civil War Michael Winship; 3. The transatlantic history of Civil War literature Christopher Hanlon; 4. The 'American renaissance' after the American Civil War Randall Fuller; 5. The realists' Civil War Ian Finseth; 6. Dépôt culture: the Civil War and periodical fiction Kathleen Diffley; 7. Imitation and resistance in Civil War poetry and song Faith Barrett; 8. Children's literature James Marten; 9. Writing lives: Civil War diaries Jane E. Schultz; 10. Civil War memoir Sarah E. Gardner; 11. Civil War narrative history T. Austin Graham; 12. Walt Whitman Martin Buinicki; 13. Emily Dickinson Shira Wolosky; 14. Herman Melville Milette Shamir; 15. Abraham Lincoln Shirley Samuels; 16. Frederick Douglass Robert S. Levine; 17. Mary Boykin Chesnut Julia A. Stern; 18. Mark Twain Neil Schmitz; 19. William Faulkner John T. Matthews; 20. Robert Penn Warren John Burt; 21. Natasha Trethewey Daniel Cross Turner.


'… a timely and much overdue book that will prove invaluable to students and teachers alike. … A History of American Civil War Literature is an important volume, featuring many of the finest scholars working on literary representations of the war. It will doubtless become an essential guide to a conflict that, as many of the chapters attest, will continue to fascinate readers and writers alike.' Niall Munro, The Review of English Studies


Judie Newman, Michael Winship, Christopher Hanlon, Randall Fuller, Ian Finseth, Kathleen Diffley, Faith Barrett, James Marten, Jane E. Schultz, Sarah E. Gardner, T. Austin Graham, Martin Buinicki, Shira Wolosky, Milette Shamir, Shirley Samuels, Robert S. Levine, Julia A. Stern, Neil Schmitz, John T. Matthews, John Burt, Daniel Cross Turner

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