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Voyage au Tocantins-Araguaya


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 (ISBN-13: 9781108007405)

In 1897, building on his earlier scientific expedition reports, Henri Coudreau (1859–1899) published this account of his third mission on behalf of the governor of Brazil's Pará state: Voyage au Tocantins-Araguaya. Coudreau continues his practice of including illustrations, statistical tables, indigenous vocabularies, and maps to complement the detailed account of his progress along this Amazonian tributary. His observations reveal his geological background and interests; however, Coudreau also assumes the role of anthropologist as he documents various aspects of indigenous groups, including their customs and beliefs. In addition to his remarks on villages, peoples, and the region's flora and fauna, Coudreau records his thoughts and concerns about increasing industrialization and the potential for urbanization and growth in Pará. His opinion that the people of Pará possess the same bold and enterprising spirit as their 'Yankee' neighbours is characteristic of Coudreau's personal interest in the subjects of his study.


Introduction; 1. De Para à Alcobaca; 2. Les premiers cachoeiras; 3. Les cachoeiras da Itaboca; 4. Le Tauiry Grande; 5. Du Tauiry à l'Estirao da Prainha da Rainha; 6. Travessao do Secco de S. Joao; 7. Les trois canaux de la Cachoeira Grande; 8. Importance du Ribeirao do Pau d'Arco; 9. Origine et statistique de la population de la Barreira; 10. La grande Ilha do Bananal; 11. Furo de Pedras; 12. Suite de la descente; Tableaux statistiques; Vocabulaires indigènes.

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