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England and Her Soldiers


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 (ISBN-13: 9781108020565)

In the preface to this 1859 book Harriet Martineau (1802–1876) tells the reader that this 'is not a work of invention' or a 'fancy-piece' and thereby sets the tone for a study that is partly historical and partly sociological. In the writing of the book, Martineau collaborated with another prominent nineteenth-century figure, Florence Nightingale. They wished to gain political support for improvements in military hygiene and health care. Martineau draws on Nightingale's experiences when nursing wounded soldiers during the Crimean War and builds it into a strong narrative that describes the conditions that soldiers experienced in the barracks, in hospitals and on the field, making practical recommendations as to how to improve these areas, by legislation if necessary, so as to ensure the future good health of Britain's armed forces. For more information on this author, see


Preface; 1. Lost armies; 2. Preservation henceforth, destruction hitherto; 3. Going out to war; 4. Meeting the enemy; 5. A winter in camp; 6. Physicians, in health and disease; 7. The wounded and sick; 8. Restoration; 9. What remains.

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