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Constructing the Self in a Digital World


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 (ISBN-13: 9781139574693)

It has become popular in recent years to talk about 'identity' as an aspect of engagement with technology - in virtual environments, in games, in social media and in our increasingly digital world. But what do we mean by identity and how do our theories and assumptions about identity affect the kinds of questions we ask about its relationship to technology and learning? Constructing the Self in a Digital World takes up this question explicitly, bringing together authors working from different models of identity but all examining the role of technology in the learning and lives of children and youth.

• Helpful for designers and developers of online environments for children and youth • Useful for non-profit workers in the area of learning and digital media or educators interested in youth and technology • Could be used in a graduate class on technology and learning or technology and identity


Introduction: connecting conversations about learning, identity, and technology Cynthia Carter Ching and Brian J. Foley; Part I. Authoring and Exploring Identity: 1. 'This is me': digital photo journals and young children's technologies of the self Cynthia Carter Ching and X. Christine Wang; 2. Digital storytelling and authoring identity Alan Davis and Daniel Weinshenker; 3. Building identities as experts: youth learning in an urban after-school space Carol Cuthbertson Thompson and Lisa Bouillion Diaz; 4. Positive technological development: the multifaceted nature of youth technology use towards improving self and society Marina Bers, Alicia Doyle-Lynch and Clement Chau; Part II. Identities in Flux and Play: 5. You can make friends easier on a boy face: the creation of 'self' in an interactive online community Brian J. Foley, Melanie S. Jones, Cameron McPhee and Pamela Aschbacher; 6. Deleting the male gaze? Tech-savvy girls and new femininities in secondary school classrooms Claire Charles; 7. Affiliation in the enactment of fan identity: a comparison of virtual and face-to-face settings Natasha Whiteman and Caroline Pelletier; 8. Navigating life as an avatar: the shifting identities-in-practice of a girl player in a tween virtual world Deborah A. Fields and Yasmin B. Kafai.


Cynthia Carter Ching, Brian J. Foley, X. Christine Wang, Alan Davis, Daniel Weinshenker, Carol Cuthbertson Thompson, Lisa Bouillion Diaz, Marina Bers, Alicia Doyle-Lynch, Clement Chau, Melanie S. Jones, Cameron McPhee, Pamela Aschbacher, Claire Charles, Natasha Whiteman, Caroline Pelletier, Deborah A. Fields, Yasmin B. Kafai

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