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Trophic Ecology


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 (ISBN-13: 9781316309735)

As researchers try to predict the effects of human modification at all trophic levels and mediate the impact of rapid environmental change, it has become clear it is no longer a matter of agreeing that both bottom-up and top-down forces play important roles in diverse ecosystems. Rather, the question is: how do these forces interact across aquatic and terrestrial systems? Written by leading experts in the field, this book presents a unique synthesis of trophic relationships within and across ecosystems that is a valuable foundation for the development of cross-system, multidisciplinary research. It also provides new insights into population biology and community ecology and examines the interactive effects of bottom-up and top-down forces on biodiversity at each trophic level. A one-stop resource for learning about bottom-up and top-down interactions, this book encourages discussion and collaboration among researchers to identify similarities and differences in trophic interactions across aquatic and terrestrial systems.

• Provides a unique review of the interaction of bottom-up and top-down processes, enabling the reader to learn about the relative strength of trophic interactions and what drives these patterns in diverse ecosystems • Offers a comparison of trophic interactions in diverse aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems which will stimulate communication and cooperation among those working in separate but conceptually related systems • Highlights diverse approaches to trophic interactions within and across ecosystems, providing a unique perspective on the comparative interactions of bottom-up and top-down processes across aquatic and terrestrial systems


List of contributors; Preface; Part I. Theory: 1. Theoretical perspectives on bottom-up and top-down interactions across ecosystems Shawn J. Leroux and Michel Loreau; Part II. Ecosystems: 2. The spatio-temporal dynamics of trophic control in large marine ecosystems Kenneth T. Frank, Jonathan A. D. Fisher and William C. Leggett; 3. Top-down and bottom-up interactions in freshwater ecosystems: emerging complexities Jason M. Taylor, Michael J. Vanni and Alexander S. Flecker; 4. Top-down and bottom-up interactions determine tree and herbaceous layer dynamics in savannah grasslands A. Carla Staver and Sally Koerner; 5. Bottom-up and top-down forces shaping wooded ecosystems: lessons from a cross-biome comparison Dries P. J. Kuijper, Mariska te Beest, Marcin Churski and Joris P. G. M. Cromsigt; 6. Dynamic systems of exchange link trophic dynamics in freshwater and terrestrial food webs John L. Sabo and David Hoekman; 7. Bottom-up and top-down interactions in coastal interface systems Jan P. Bakker, Karina J. Nielsen, Juan Alberti, Francis Chan, Sally D. Hacker, Oscar O. Iribarne, Dries P. J. Kuijper, Bruce A. Menge, Maarten Schrama and Brian R. Silliman; Part III. Patterns and Processes: 8. Influence of plant defences and nutrients on trophic control of ecosystems Karin T. Burghardt and Oswald J. Schmitz; 9. Interactive effects of plants, decomposers, herbivores, and predators on nutrient cycling Sarah E. Hobbie and Sébastien Villéger; 10. The role of bottom-up and top-down interactions in determining microbial and fungal diversity and function Thomas W. Crowther and Hans-Peter Grossart; 11. The question of scale in trophic ecology Lee A. Dyer, Tara J. Massad and Matthew L. Forister; 12. The role of species diversity in bottom-up and top-down interactions Jerome J. Weis; 13. Plant and herbivore evolution within the trophic sandwich Luis Abdala-Roberts and Kailen A. Mooney; 14. Bottom-up and top-down interactions across ecosystems in an era of global change Kimberly J. La Pierre and Torrance C. Hanley; Index.


Shawn J. Leroux, Michel Loreau, Kenneth T. Frank, Jonathan A. D. Fisher, William C. Leggett, Jason M. Taylor, Michael J. Vanni, Alexander S. Flecker, A. Carla Staver, Sally Koerner, Dries P. J. Kuijper, Mariska te Beest, Marcin Churski, Joris P. G. M. Cromsigt, John L. Sabo, David Hoekman, Jan P. Bakker, Karina J. Nielsen, Juan Alberti, Francis Chan, Sally D. Hacker, Oscar O. Iribarne, Bruce A. Menge, Maarten Schrama, Brian R. Silliman, Karin T. Burghardt, Oswald J. Schmitz, Sarah E. Hobbie, Sébastien Villéger, Thomas W. Crowther, Hans-Peter Grossart, Lee A. Dyer, Tara J. Massad, Matthew L. Forister, Jerome J. Weis, Luis Abdala-Roberts, Kailen A. Mooney, Kimberly J. La Pierre, Torrance C. Hanley

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