Content, Camera, Action!

Alastair Horne

In this week’s Cambridge webinar, Guess What! co-author Kay Bentley shared some ideas on using video to boost young learners’ understanding of cross-curricular content.

There are five benefits of using video in primary content and language lessons, Kay explained, and together they spell out the acrostic VIDEO.

  • Visual and subject literacy is developed
  • Inspires critical and creative thinking
  • Develops subject knowledge and cultural awareness
  • Enhances learner motivation and confidence
  • Outside world is linked to learning inside the classroom.

Kay then worked through each of these points, explaining in each case how teachers could make best use of video to draw out the particular benefit. With critical thinking, for instance, she explained that teachers should ask questions so that learners can identify, compare, contrast and analyse what they see and hear. They should help learners to interpret the meaning of images by linking new concepts to those they already know, and encourage learners to develop their critical thinking skills further by evaluating the presentation. Kay also quoted some research suggesting that watching video can help children to become more discriminating and responsive readers of print text.

Showing videos taken from Guess What! Kay explored how they could be used in the classroom to achieve these aims. A geography video based around volcanoes would provide a rich stimulus to learning with its dynamic images of volcanoes from around the world. Those images would also support the learning of new subject vocabulary – for instance, crater, lava, and erupting, while also revisiting previously learnt grammar and vocabulary. The video would also clearly bring the outside world into the classroom!

You can watch Kay’s webinar in full by clicking the play button on the video below. To find out more about Guess What!, click here.

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