Grammar activities for listening, speaking, reading and writing classes

Dr Randi Reppen

On November 15, Grammar and Beyond author Dr. Randi Reppen hosted a webinar on integrating classroom grammar activities across all skill levels. The webinar focused on activities that can be used in the classroom for each major language skill: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Dr. Reppen opened the webinar with a discussion on the importance of integrating grammar across all four skills. It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on grammar in isolation, especially when teaching a dedicated grammar course, but it is absolutely essential to combine as many of the skills as possible when designing a classroom activity.

The first activity discussed was a twist on the old favourite tic-tac-toe. Dr. Reppen described several ways to turn this simple concept into a highly adaptable classroom activity across all skill levels.

After walking the audience through three more adaptable activities, Dr. Reppen closed the webinar by emphasizing the importance of integrating grammar into skills in order to accomplish a specific task. Grammar works as a function of language and doesn’t exist in the abstract.

To see in-depth coverage of all of Dr. Reppen’s classroom activities, watch the full webinar recording!

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