How does grammar fit into advanced writing instruction?

Dr Randi Reppen

In this webinar, Grammar and Beyond author Dr. Randi Reppen discusses the challenges teachers face when helping students apply what they’ve learned in the language classroom to academic courses, focusing on resources and ideas for teaching advanced writing.

Randi begins the webinar by looking at typical academic writing tasks to see how grammar features work together in these tasks.

According to corpus and materials research, the following 6 task types are the most common task types given to advanced writing students: argumentative/persuasive, compare and contrast, narrative, synthesis, cause and effect, and problem solution.

Of these, Randi focuses on compare and contrast, synthesis, and cause and effect, discussing grammar structures and vocabulary that are useful for each task type.

She also provides activity examples and a bunch of great resources that can be used to more effectively help your advanced writing students meet the demands of academic writing.

To view the rest of the webinar and hear all of Randi’s teaching tips, including a spirited question and answer session at the end, watch the full webinar recording below.

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