Model lessons for very young learners #1: how to teach English with songs

Jess Hytner

How can songs be best used in the young learner classroom? In our model lesson video, Laura and Polly the Parrott from Super Safari share their tips and an example lesson for you to try!

Songs are a great way to help create an enjoyable environment for both pupils and the teacher. They encourage learning to happen in a natural and fun way, and are useful for language acquisition:

  • Songs help retain new language. Connecting words with music makes new language easier to remember, especially when songs have actions.
  • They work well when puppets are used too. This is a useful way to engage students further and enhance the fun!
  • Songs help activate as many senses as possible. Introducing new language through songs with actions is a good way to consolidate pupil memory through movement.
  • Repetition helps them remember. The repetition of words and movements in a song is a crucial way for helping young learners memorise language.


Watch the video below to see Laura and Polly perform an example lesson involving the use of a Super Safari song with their young learner class!


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