Independent Learning Outside of Class

Clare Jones

As a new teacher I felt really frustrated at the limited face time with individual students. The more students could learn on their own, the faster they were going to progress. Here are some independent learning tools for students to use outside of the classroom!

Self-Study Audio

Audio CDs that accompany student textbooks provide a wonderful opportunity to improve listening skills and relate vocabulary to meaning. This means that students can review listening exercises and hear reading passages multiple times. This reinforces the sound of the spoken language. My students have happily told me that they like to listen to CDs in the car. They say that listening outside of class helps their pronunciation and comprehension. Here are links to two listening passages. The first is a listening exercise dealing with personality types, and the second is the audio from a related reading passage:

Ventures 2nd Ed. Bk 3, Unit 1, Audio for Ex. 2A on p. 7

Ventures 2nd Ed. Bk 3, Unit 1, Audio that accompanies Ex. 2 on p. 12

Workbooks with Answer Keys

Materials that provide correct answers are very helpful to students who work independently. If your students ever miss class, the answers provide immediate feedback. You can use tablets and smart phones to access workbooks with an online version. The immediate feedback that online workbooks provide enable teachers to track how long students stay on a particular activity. So, you can help students who are struggling and need additional help.

Online Language Resources

There are many websites with practice materials created by teachers and posted online. Some sites are especially designed to supplement particular textbooks. All of these sites provide a fun way for students to practice listening, vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills on their own time or in a lab situation.

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