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Approaches to reading in the classroom with Dr. Peter Watkins

Dr. Peter Watkins

This week, we are delighted to be joined by Dr. Peter Watkins, author of Teaching and Developing Reading Skills, for #TDWednesday. The second in our feature on reading skills this month, Peter discusses the inspiration behind his book which is part of our Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series.

In the video, Peter discusses why he wrote the book and what teachers will gain from it. He considers how reading is typically taught in the classroom and how these approaches may not be effective. He also briefly outlines a number of questions that are addressed in the book, including the impact of extensive reading on language development in general, the differences between reading online and reading from traditional print materials and the importance of developing critical readers.

If you enjoyed this video, take a look at Dr. Peter Watkins’ last article on Preparing learners for reading.  Look out for next week’s #TDWednesday, where we’ll share another extract from Teaching and Developing Reading Skills.


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