Hameeda Hussani on getting a first-class law degree in a second language

Sarah Laughran

Born in Afghanistan, Hameeda Hussani arrived in England when she was just 14, unable to read or speak English.  We spoke to her about her journey to learn English and how this has aided her career ambitions.

Before Hameeda arrived in the UK, she weaved carpets at home with no opportunity of going to school.  Not long in to her teenage years, her family came to England and needed to adjust to new surroundings and a new culture.

Hameeda found learning English to be a rewarding and interesting experience.  In the interview, she divulges some of the ways she gained confidence in speaking, for example through listening to the news and looking for opportunities to present in front of others.

Although Hameeda had to really throw herself out of her comfort zone, she says that learning this new language has been hugely beneficial and helped her graduate University with a first-class law degree.

“Learning languages is always the best”

At times the learning experience was hard, but Hameeda is sure she wouldn’t be doing what she does today without learning English.  And the next language on her agenda? Arabic.

Listen to the full interview below:

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