Cambridge Story Competition: Journey to the dream world by Yelizaveta

Sarah Lahiff

The Cambridge Story Competition is now in its second month and we have had so many wonderful entries! Here is one of our favourites by Yelizaveta in Ukraine titled ‘Journey to the dream world‘. Do you teach young learners and want to get involved? Find how to enter the Cambridge Story Competition.


The Rainbowsour had a big head and a big body. It had a long tail, two long legs and two short legs. It ate rainbow soup. It could run quickly.

Once upon a time there lived a little unicorn rainbow sour. It’s name was Yoto, Yoto lived with his mum and dad in the dinosaur land. Yoto was a very well bred dinosaur. He behaved very well and always listened to his parents. He went to kindergarten and had lots of friends there.

rainbowsour-cambridge story competition

At kindergarten, teacher often told Yoto and other little dinosaurs stories. She told stories about brave lions, noble dolphins, intelligent foxes and strong enormous dinosaurs like sauropods, pterosaur and a kronosaurus. Yoto was a really imaginative dinosaur; he could dream about adventures in the jungle, or in the desert, or in the ocean for hours. He even had heroic dreams at night.

rainbowsour - cambridge story competition

There was only one thing that disappointed him. He wasn’t either very big or very strong. He didn’t have any magic powers to fight all the villains and monsters from his teacher’s fairy tales.

Once Yoto was peacefully sleeping in his bed at home. Before he fell asleep, his mum read him a story about the king lion.

rainbowsour- Cambridge story competition

Yoto liked this story very much and knew it very well, but often he asked his mum to read it once more. So, he was sleeping, suddenly, Yoto woke up and found himself on a desert island. In the distance, he saw a lot of trees and bushes which looked like a jungle. He went there and when he came up closely to the trees, he noticed that the trees and bushes and flowers were all dry and were about to die.

He kept walking and came to a big hole in the ground. There were many different animals next to the hole. They all were very sad and concerned. There was a lion, a tyrannosaurus, a hippo, a rhino and an elephant. Yoto asked the animals why were they so sad. The elephant answered “Our island is dying because there is no water, no rain, all the springs are dry“. Then, the wise owl said “Get those of you who can dig and try to dig a hole“.

rainbowsour- Cambridge story competition

The lion, the rhino and the tyrannosaurus started digging. They dug and dug…but nothing happened. Then the cunning fox said “Get the strongest of you, who can reach this big tree, try and get this tree out of the ground. There may be water under its roots“.

The animals tried to do it too, but there wasn’t water. The animals became desperate, neither the strongest nor the wisest of them could do anything.

Suddenly, the little rainbowsour said “I think I can help you”. All the animals looked at Yoto with hope. He went to the clear space, looked up and there from his horn appeared a tiny lightening bolt, it reached the sky and then, a bright rainbow appeared and it immediately started to rain. The animals rushed to Yoto to hug him and thank him, but at this moment the first drops of rain fell on Yoto’s nose and he woke up. HIs mum was standing next to his bed, it was time to get up.

rainbowsour-cambridge story competition

That day, Yoto was really happy because he knew that he could be a hero.

The end.


For more information on our story competition, visit our page and get access to free downloads and resources, including teacher tips and a lesson plan for your class.

  • Virginie CHAPELAN

    This story has been written by my daughter and her name is “Salomé”. Can you correct please ?

  • Ricardo Barreto

    Hello there! When will the story competition start?

    • Jasmine Short

      Hello Ricardo,

      I’m afraid the Cambridge Story Competition took place in Spring 2018 and so has already closed. We have 12 wonderful winning stories which can be found in the competition section of the World of Better Learning.

      Many thanks,


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