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Integrating grammar and conversation

Sarah Laughran

In this webinar, Michael McCarthy, Jeanne McCarten and Helen Sandiford look at the ways in which people use grammar to create successful conversations, and how it can be taught with practical examples.

Grammar and conversation are often seen as two separate entities, but our speakers in this webinar look at how important the connection between them is.  When we think of grammar, we typically think of how to form correct sentences and how to express meanings such as time, number, quantity, etc. However, we can use grammar to do a lot of other things too. If we look at a corpus of conversations, we can see how people also use grammar to organize the things they say and to create the right relationship with other people in the conversation.

What grammar helps us to do

Listen to the webinar recording below to find out how grammar plays a role in:

  • Creating good relationships with people we are talking to
  • Keeping other people’s interest in what we’re saying
  • Structuring what we say.


The speakers go in to detail with examples and activities you can use in your own classroom.  Watch the full webinar here:

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