IATEFL 2018: Spotlight on creative drama – bringing stories to life

Rachel Jeffries

In our second post from IATEFL 2018, we’re sharing the talk from Teacher Trainer, Rachel Jeffries, on how you can bring English to life for young learners through the use of storytelling and creative drama.

In the talk, Rachel discusses different opinions about what drama is and what the key benefits are of using drama in the classroom.

Rachel talks about drama not just being acting and role-playing.  It also includes movement activities, dictions exercises, presentations and storytelling.

What is the difference between theatre and drama?

Theatre is where there is a final production, you are working towards an end performance that you will share with others.  With creative drama, the process is the focus.  This can start with a stimulus such as music or pictures, and it enhances fluent and flexible thinking.

Watch the full video below to find out what Rachel’s top tips for the drama classroom are:

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