Cambridge Story Competition: Winners Announced

Sarah Lahiff

Thank you to all who entered the Cambridge Story Competition, we’ve had entries from all over the World and the stories have been truly fascinating to read! It’s been a tough decision as there were so many wonderful entries, but we’ve managed to pick our winning 12 stories.

Congratulations to:

  • Natalia Sileno, Italy – The Investigators
  • Komal Sharma, India – The Hungry Ball
  • Charlotte Kelly, UAE – The Moon
  • Tetyana Byelkina, Ukraine – Elvia and a magic nut
  • Simone Rosa, Brazil – In China
  • Nadia Mahmoud, Egypt – The magical team
  • Eufrasia Guslianti, Indonesia – Bear and Friends
  • Laetitia Carion, France – Ugly Shoes
  • Zeliha Kale, Turkey – Magic Toys
  • Marzena Slomian-Zelazny, Poland – New Island
  • Lubov Gracheva, Russia – Ellie the Wizard
  • Donna Levantakis, Greece – Mr Triangle


The judges praised the winners’ creative use of language to convey stories with clarity and creativity. Well done to all of the above named entrants, you will be contacted by a Cambridge Representative to provide further details of the winning student’s story and certificates.

We will publish the winning stories for all to see on World of Better Learning.

For more information you can find details about the closed competition associated classroom activities for Parts 1 and Parts 2. Alternatively, download the full lesson plan here.

Please note- the Cambridge Story Competition closed on April 30th 2018, it is no longer possible to enter story submissions.

  • Sarina Karim

    Hi. I understand that there were some who received special mention for their stories. Is this list of students published as well?
    Also can i know how many entries were there in total worldwide that resulted in the final top 12 and ones who received special mention? Thank you.

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