Take part in the Cambridge Word Cup!

Lauren Ward

The 2018 FIFA World CupTM kicks off this month. To celebrate, we’ll be hosting our very own Word Cup for charity!

Our language research team are once again warming-up the Cambridge English Corpus, ready to delve back into the language used during one of the world’s most-watched tournaments. Just like in 2014 in Brazil, and the 2016 Rio Olympics, our researchers will be analyzing the field of sports journalism to see which teams come out on top or have left a lot to be desired by the professional pundits. Will the Argentinians still be talked about ‘powerful‘ opponents to the ‘inexperienced‘ English side?

However this year, we want to hear from you too! Along with the official Football Corpus, we’ll be collecting three words from fans around the world in the People’s Corpus. Each time someone enters 3 adjectives into the People’s Corpus we will be donating £1 to United Through Sport until we reach our target!

Pick a team and take part!

Do you think you know better than sport journalists, pundits and bloggers? We’ll be pitting fans against the professionals in the Cambridge Word Cup. We’re challenging fans to enter the top 3 words they think best describe any of the 32 teams taking part in this year’s World Cup tournament. These can be positive or negative – but please keep it about the team’s performance on the pitch! These words will then enter into the People’s Corpus, which we will comparing to our research team’s Football Corpus, to see who said it best. Will fans and the media be united or will there two distinct camps?

If that’s not enough incentive, each time 3 words are submitted to the People’s Corpus we will be donating £1 to United Through Sport until we hit £2,500.

> Take part in the Cambridge Word Cup

United Through Sport

We’re extremely excited and proud to be partnering with educational charity United Through Sport for the Cambridge Word Cup. United Through Sport is global charity focused on working with children from disadvantage backgrounds in South Africa, and working with partners across South America, the Caribbean and Asia. They use the power of sport to combat social, health and education issues, and help build life-skills. Find out more about this great cause at

Make sure to keep an eye out across our social channels and on the World of Better Learning over the next couple of months, as we will be sharing the results as they come in along with more sport-related insights from our pedagogy research teams! In the meantime, get an insight into what it’s like to be an award-winning sports writer with our interview with Adam Crafton.

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