Cambridge Story Competition: The magical team by Jana

Sarah Lahiff

Introducing ‘The magical team’ by Jana from Egypt. The magical team is one of the winning story submissions for the Cambridge Story Competition and was chosen for its very creative storyline and wonderful illustrations. Congratulations Jana!

Once upon a time, in a planet Viletto, lived four royal families. They had four children.

The first family had the super power of electronics. They could be transformed into any electronic device. They had a little girl called Googlette. She used to spend her time playing with her tablet.

The second family had the power of super speed. They could fly and run super-fast. Their daughter was called Magia. She loved playing with her favourite action figure Speedy.

The third family had the power of creating their own imagination. They could also draw perfectly. They had a little son called Pentro. He loved to draw wonderful paintings in his room.

The last family had the power of invisibility. They could see anyone who was invisible and could turn anything invisible. They had a little son called Visol. He used to play with his boomerang.

One day, they all gathered in Magia’s castle. The young princes and princesses wanted to travel to a new planet/ A couple of minutes later, they all said that the only planet that they didn’t visit yet was planet Earth. Then the parents came in. They hated the idea. They thought that it was too dangerous to go to Earth. The Eartians were too primitive and dangerous. The kids really wanted to go there, so the parents left the room disapproving angrily.

Magia proposed to her friends to meet the next day in her castle.

The next day, Magia informed them that she had the perfect plan to escape. At midnight, they would tell the royal guards that they forgot their favourite toys in the royal garden. Then, Pentro would use his powers to create a rocket. Visol would make it invisible. And, Googlette would control it with her electronic powers. And so they did exactly that.

The plan was a great success.

On Earth, they went to a school. Googlette talked to the principle to enrol them in to the school. It was a rainy day, it rained cars and dogs. So, they all hide in the English class. In the morning, they found out that a monster attacked the city and wanted to destroy earth.

Pentro quickly imagined super hero costumes for all the team. They put them on and looked fabulous. The super hero team rushed to where the monster was…and the fight began.

The monster was too strong. He captured Googlette, Pentro and Visol and took them to his cave. He wanted to take their powers.

Magia user her super speed to follow the evil monster. She sneaked in and found that he put them in to test tubes. The monster got really hungry so he headed to the city for snack.

Magia hid till the monster was gone and then she freed her friends.

Googlette found some very useful tools and potions to make her friends super big. They drank the potion and went to find the monster.

The fight was hard. But the super hero team could finally destroy the monster. All the Eartians were so glad. They danced and sang all night. Googlette spotted a shrinking potion in the monster’s cave. They drank it. It was time to leave Earth and head back to Viletto. Eartians begged them to stay, but they had to return to their kingdoms.

On Viletto, the royal parents were angry at the kids. But when they heard about their adventure, they were glad that the kids were really courageous and used their super powers wisely.

The idea was born. To make a super royal team who would travel the galaxy to save planets in need.

They were called “The magical team”.

The end.













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  • Virginie CHAPELAN

    This story has been written by my daughter and her name is “SalomĂ©”. Can you correct please ?

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