Cambridge Story Competition: Ugly shoes by Salomé

Sarah Lahiff

Introducing ‘Ugly shoes’ by Salomé from France. Ugly shoes is one of the winning story submissions for the Cambridge Story Competition and was chosen for how well it’s told and the great framework. Congratulations Salomé!

Once upon a time, a pair of shoes called Kate lived in the market where nobody wants her. She has had enough, nobody wants her. The old other pairs of shoes are beautiful and she is very ugly. She doesn’t find that nice. One day, she decides to go.

But there is a problem: everything is closed. She tries to leave by all the exits but they are closed. She looks at the window. It’s not closed. She goes to the shoe box, passing through the market can exit. She looks at a house. There is a cat flap. She passes through it and arrives in the house. The house is beautiful! She hides in the woman’s shoe box.

When the woman comes back home, and when she wants to put on shoes, she sees Kate. She tells herself “But why is this pair of shoes here?”. Then she thinks “That pair of shoes is not ugly”. Kate is happy when she hears somebody wants her. The woman thinks “I’ve got to try my new pair of shoes”. Kate is excited! She can walk over chewing-gum. Her dream!

She goes in to the streets. Suddenly, another woman stops the lady. The lady says “Your shoes are very beautiful! I like them!”. And from this day, there is a new fashion for shoes, all women in the city wear shoes like Kate.

The end.

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  • Virginie CHAPELAN

    This story has been written by my daughter and her name is “Salomé”. Can you correct please ?

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