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What inspires you to develop as a teacher?

Sarah Longfield

Last week on our Facebook page, we asked: ‘What inspires you to develop as a teacher?’

Everyone who commented on the Facebook posts was given a chance to win a Cambridge Teacher Development online course of their choice, with three winners selected from all the comments.

Some clear themes emerged in your responses:

  • You were inspired to become a teacher: whether that was because of a friend, family member, or someone who taught you.


  • As a teacher, you are always a learner. Comments included: ‘To be a teacher means to be a student always.’ Seeking out professional development opportunities is an important part of being a great teacher.


  •  You want to inspire your students. Better teaching means better learning. One comment was: ‘I need to strive to be the best version of myself to inspire my students.’


  • You need to keep your teaching knowledge current: ‘with fast-changing times, the field of education is set to undergo a sea of changes… sharing your skills and empowering your students in the process is highly gratifying.’


Thanks to everyone who responded to the Facebook posts!


The following three winners have been picked:

Cristian Chero wrote: ‘What has encouraged me to develop as a teacher is the fact that I can contribute to the students’ process of learning. That is, when I do my best in the classroom and always look for new ways to improve my teaching practices, I’m sure that the students will benefit and learn in a better way. It’s so gratifying when I see that each time (little by little) the students are improving their language skills and they are aware of that. That has led me to be constantly on the lookout for professional development.’

Isabel Breda commented: ‘The strong desire to improve my skills and my methods inspires me to develop as a teacher. In a changing world, teaching children and teens is a great challenge. As teachers, we have to do our best to develop, to face all the changes and challenges of our job. Cambridge is an important partner in teachers’ development, either by the books they publish or online support. This kind of professional development courses and the varied topics they focus on are a kind encouragement to improve our teaching methods and skills and accomplish our mission. Such a course would inspire me to be a better teacher, for sure!’

Micah Todd was inspired by his students: ‘I believe that a good teacher must constantly learn and improve himself. How can I encourage my students to better themselves if I don’t do so myself? Also, as the teaching world is changing, I want to be up-to-date and knowledgeable.’

Winners will be contacted via Facebook, so they can select which of our online courses they’d like to enrol on.


Next week: We’ll look at some activities from our Grammar for Teachers – Language Awarenessonline course, which is related to the ‘R for Reflective’ principle in INSPIRE.

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