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Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness online course

Sarah Longfield

This week, we’re looking at how one of our online professional development courses can help you when teaching grammar. This ties in with one of the principles for teachers’ professional development: ‘R for Reflective’.

INSPIRE: the principles supporting your professional development

The word INSPIRE explains our teacher development principles.

The ‘R’ in INSPIRE = Reflective. This means that our professional development gives you opportunities to reflect on what’s being applied in practice.

Example activity:

Below is an activity that you can use in your classroom, to practise the different future forms of verbs. The activity is taken from our Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness online course.

Part 1: Ask your students to fill in the gaps with the correct future form of the verb in brackets.

Part 2: Go through the answers, asking your students to reflect on why they chose a particular future form of the verb. For example, for ‘Look at those dark clouds. It’s going to rain.’You can elicit:We use ‘going to’future here because this is a future prediction based on present evidence (‘darkclouds’). 

How do I study the Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness online course?

There are three steps to studying one of our online professional development courses:

  • Step 1: either purchase an online course yourself from our online store, or your institution can give you a course activation code.



You can find a list of online courses and full instructions on how to register, on our website.

  • Step 3: Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can either join an online ‘class’ or select ‘self-study’ mode.



For the Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness course: if you decide that self-study mode is the right option for you:

  • On the My Learning screen, simply select the Self-study tab
  • Select Content next to Grammar for Teachers: Language Awareness Self-study.


Next week:

We’ll look at Lesson Planning and Classroom Management, which is related to the ‘E for Evaluated’ principle in INSPIRE.

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