“How do fireworks work?” Festive CLIL lessons for young learners

Justyna Matwiejczyk

December is filled with contemplation and excitement in equal measure. In many cultures the month culminates with the New Year’s celebrations and… fireworks!

Fireworks are an inseparable part of New Year festivities. On the 1stof January every year many countries around the globe admire and broadcast breath-taking illuminations.

The meaning

According to the Cambridge Dictionary Online fireworks are “small containers filled with explosive chemicals that make a loud noise when they explode and sometimes produce bright, coloured patterns. Fireworks can also mean the pattern of colourful explosions in the air planned as a show.”

The history

The history of fireworks can be traced back more than 2,000 years ago when the Chinese achieved a firecracker effect by throwing bamboo into fire. In the 1830s Italian inventors discovered how to add colour to fireworks and the explosions gained the colourful splendour we know today. See this article on Evolution of Fireworks.

Your learners are likely looking forward to beautiful firework displays too.

But, do they know how fireworks work?

This December tap into the festive mood and invite your learners to discover the science behind fireworks with our CLIL lesson.

What’s inside fireworks?

What makes the beautiful colours in fireworks?

Who invented them?

How to enjoy fireworks safely?

Download this lesson complete with the video to explore the topic with your learners.

Guess What! Level 6

Safety first!

Fireworks, beautiful as they are, should not be used unsupervised. Remind your students that they should not hold fireworks unless the manufacturer states on the box that it is safe to do so.

Take this opportunity to discuss with your learners how to stay safe around fireworks. Discuss the Dos and Don’ts with your class. Write down the ideas in two columns on a large sheet of paper. Make a poster for the classroom.

Why not share your students’ fireworks posters on our social media?

Happy festive season!

This blog is inspired by Guess What! Level 6 Teacher’s Edition 

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