Teens together: collaborative learning and project work

Daniel Vincent

Daniel Vincent has taught English for over 15 years in the UK, Japan and Spain, and has experience in materials and course development. He has recently authored a new teens course for Cambridge University Press.  In this article, we’re sharing a webinar Daniel presented on using project work with teens and encouraging collaborative learning.

With group, pair and project work being a key component in the teenage classroom, collaboration is a key skill needed to complete this work successfully.  In Dan’s webinar, he covers the benefits of collaborative learning and project work, specifically looking at why we should get our students to undertake this type of work and why we should develop their collaborative skills.

When it comes to setting up project work, Dan discusses best practices for doing this, and what you can do to run a project where the collaboration between students is successful.  With all project work though, there are potential pitfalls that can arise.  Dan covers these and also suggests ways that they can be avoided.

After listening to the webinar, you can take away 3 examples of projects that you can use in your teenage classrooms.

Catch up on the webinar recording:

Read Dan’s last blog post on the benefits of building towers.

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