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Teaching and Developing Reading Skills: ELTons Innovation Awards 2019 finalist

Heidi Burrows

Teaching and Developing Reading Skills by Dr Peter Watkins is a finalist of the 17th British Council ELTons Awards for Innovation in English Language Teaching 2019 in the Innovation in Teacher Resources category. It was selected by a panel of experts from amongst 150 international products, publications and services as meeting the stringent criteria for innovation and practical application.

The book is part of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series. Here’s series editor Scott Thornbury explaining why the book is important:


Activities for your classroom

Teaching and Developing Reading Skills uses research-based activities to help learners develop the reading skills they need for the 21st century. We’ve selected some examples for you to try:

Digital reading skills

The experience of using digital resources to find information can be very different from using print sources. This task, Find it, helps learners to practise finding information from non-linearly organised sources, such as websites.

Digital reading skills activity

Critical reading

With the growth in ‘fake news’ and the relative ease of publishing information online, it’s essential that readers have the skills to evaluate what they read and judge for themselves whether the information can be trusted. The following task, Investigate, encourages readers to analyse texts and identify the persuasive devices used.

Critical reading activity

Using learner generated texts

Much reading in the modern world involves the co-creation of texts, with participants taking turns to read what others have written and then responding, for example in text messages or reviewing and editing documents online. In Paper text messages, learners practise these skills by having a conversation through reading and writing.

Using learner generated texts activity

You can find this book, along with a full range of resources to help with your continuing professional development and lesson planning on our website.

ELTons 2019 winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 10thJune. Find out more or watch the live webcast here.

Why not read Approaches to reading in the classroom with Dr Peter Watkins.

Dr. Peter Watkins
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Using learner generated texts in the classroom

Heidi Burrows

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