David Crystal’s ‘Outstanding Contribution’ at the ELTons

Heidi Burrows

Last week, the ELT community celebrated the very best innovations in teaching and learning worldwide, at the ELTon awards. For us, the highlight of the evening was seeing our very own Cambridge University Press Author, David Crystal, receive the highly coveted Outstanding Achievement Award. Adding to the literary atmosphere, the award was presented by Benjamin Zephaniah and Michael Rosen.

Demonstrating the genuine love he has for his work, David attributed his success to speakers of English worldwide, without whom the study of language wouldn’t be nearly as fascinating.

“If I have made an outstanding contribution to the English language it is because you have made an outstanding contribution to me to enable me to study the English language.”

Crystal and Cambridge

David Crystal is a writer, academic and broadcaster. One of the world’s foremost authorities on the English language, he is renowned for the quality of his publications and has an outstanding reputation as a public speaker and lecturer. His books combine a high level of scholarship with accessibility, keeping readers engaged, entertained and interested (quite an art!).

Professor Crystal received an OBE in 1995 for his services to the study and teaching of the English language and we’re delighted to have been able to work with him for many years. He has been publishing with Cambridge University Press since 1969, when his Prosodic Systems and Innovation in English launched the prestigious Cambridge Studies in Linguistics series. Since then he has written for us on topics including the language of Shakespeare, the impact of the internet on language and the role of English as an international language.

His most recent Press title is The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, third edition. Providing the most comprehensive coverage of the history, structure and worldwide use of English, this publication includes over sixty audio resources to bring language extracts to life. If you attended IATEFL back in April, you may even have picked up a signed copy!

The future of Englishes

We’re looking forward to hearing from David in person at our Better Learning Conference in July, where he will be exploring ‘The future of Englishes’. What does this mean? Cultural diversity is a significant factor affecting English globally.

If you’re interested in exploring this subject you can read his accompanying blog post, which delves into the role of cultural knowledge in understanding a global language.

Sarah Stokes

YouTube Live with David Crystal

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David Crystal

The future of Englishes

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