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The Speaking Corner: Teacher Development matters

Niall Curry

We’ve reached the last episode in our podcast series, ‘The Speaking Corner’, which is all about research on developing speaking for language teachers and language learners. We hope you’ve enjoyed them so far.

Let’s recap on what we’ve listened to so far. In episode one, we looked at ‘Giving feedback on speaking’, with Philip Kerr. We talked about how to give feedback effectively, what the challenges are and how to balance different types of feedback. Next we spoke once more with Philip, and joined by Ceri Jones we discussed ‘Giving time to speaking’. This podcast looked at how best to incorporate and integrate speaking into lessons. We discussed the value of speaking for learning and different ways to make speaking lessons more effective. In our third episode, we looked at ‘The power of near peer models’ once more with Ceri Jones. In that episode, we discussed motivation and how students can be valuable learning and motivational resources for one another. Last time, we looked at ‘Mobile learning in and out of the classroom’ with Graham Skerritt and we focused on how to use technology effectively for language learning and, more specifically, developing speaking.

The common thread that joins all of these episodes together is of course the focus on speaking, and today’s episode is no different. This time we are looking at ‘Teacher Development matters’ with Craig Thaine.  We focus on the idea of embedded continued professional development (CPD), drawing on research from teacher development. In our discussion we try to bring this research to life by looking at practical examples of embedded CPD, and once again strive to demonstrate research informed practices.

Over the last few weeks we have been excited to share these podcasts with you, and we hope to give you some guidance on how to use research in your everyday practices.

Listen to the podcast below and let us know if you have any ideas for future topics you’d like to see covered!


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